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Explore how these prompts can streamline tasks, provide valuable insights, and spark innovative ideas, all while saving time and resources. From market research to marketing strategy, ChatGPT prompts offer a virtual toolkit for enhanced decision-making and customer interactions.

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While we're not quite at the stage where artificial intelligence takes the reins of an entire business operation, the latest AI advancements are propelling us closer than ever. This progress holds particularly true for budding startups, where AI tools are proving to be indispensable in the sprint to establish and flourish a new venture. Among these tools, ChatGPT stands out, offering multifunctional capabilities that encompass crafting blog posts, competitor analysis, domain name suggestions, and even honing skills for media interactions.

The startup landscape thrives on disruption, and innovations like ChatGPT infuse machine intelligence to streamline and simplify the intricate process of troubleshooting challenges, regardless of their scale. Leveraging insights drawn from the analysis of countless pre-existing business documents, this tool embodies a novel approach to problem-solving. Evidently, startups across various domains, including health, education, and PR, are already reaping the rewards of this innovative business paradigm.

It's evident that ChatGPT holds substantial power as a tool for startups and businesses. By employing precise prompts, ChatGPT's responses take on a more human-like quality, resembling that of a knowledgeable employee rather than a rigid machine.

We’ve put together a list of strong ChatGPT prompts that brands can use in everyday situations


Validating an idea

Even when your business is strongly committed to its current lineup of products and services, the process of generating fresh concepts is ever-present. Brand owners, entrepreneurs and heads of departments are in a perpetual cycle of innovation and dreaming up new ways to serve their customers. And so they pore over every aspect of their idea - meticulously outlining and evaluating the viability of each one.

Prior to introducing a product or service, a crucial and initial stride involves gauging its market potential. To aid you in this endeavour, utilise the following prompt to enlist ChatGPT's assistance:

“I have a startup idea about [idea description]. Perform an analysis of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Give me 5 reasons why it could work well alongside my existing business which is [describe existing business].”

Market Research

If nobody is interested in what your startup is selling, then your startup isn't really a startup. It's not helpful to release something that people don't really desire or require. But how can you figure out if people want it? You do some research about the market.

Startups are getting support from ChatGPT to help them with market research. First, they make a plan for their research, and then they follow the steps that ChatGPT suggests.

Knowing who might want to buy your product and checking out what others who sell similar things are doing is really important. You can use this simple message to ask ChatGPT for help and keep talking to it for all the information to stay together.

“Help me understand who might be this idea’s ideal customer and what problem it solves for them. Include who might be a competitor and what advantage we would have over them. Create a market research plan for other considerations I should make and other things I should do.”

Write a business plan

ChatGPT uses a bunch of documents (millions of them) called the "corpus." This pile of documents has lots of stuff like business plans, presentations, and pitch decks. Because of this big collection, it's not out of the question that ChatGPT can make a pretty good business plan from a short and simple description of an idea (like what you might say if you met someone in an elevator). This plan is a good beginning, and if you don't really like it, you can quickly get a new one by clicking a button.

“Write a business plan for my startup that sells xyz”

Crafting a marketing strategy

For small businesses, one of the biggest problems is telling people about what they sell. This is called "marketing." Marketing has lots of different ways to do it, and each way has its own things to think about and is a bit tricky. But with ChatGPT's help, you can get a full picture of a marketing plan that's just right for your business. It can think about modern ways to market things on the internet, like making your website show up in searches, putting out interesting content, and getting people engaged on social media. It's almost like having a marketing expert you can talk to any time of the day or night.

"Outline a marketing strategy for my small business that provides [your specific service or product] to [your target demographic], considering current digital marketing trends."

Deep dive further here to see how tapping into AI in general can make your marketing more efficient.

Help with funding

In the startup world, getting money is a big topic. You might wonder if you should use your own money or ask others to invest. You could ask people like angel investors, venture capitalists, or even your friends and family for money. Some people might even think about begging or borrowing. Think about the good things of each option and decide what you want to do. Startup owners are using ChatGPT like a friend to help them think about how to get money.

Don't get scared about money. First, figure out how much money you need. Then, make a list of the different ways you can get that money.

“To create this [product, service, business] I estimate I will need [amount required to get set up]. Act as a financial advisor to a start, and outline the 3 best ways of me raising or acquiring this amount. Explain the pros and cons of each and choose the best option for me based on this analysis and my business goals.”

Other quickfire prompts

Craft headlines - “Write 10 headlines about xyz”

Create LinkedIn and other social media posts - “Craft a LinkedIn post aimed at people who are xyz the post will be focussing on xyz”

Daily planning - “I will give you a list of tasks that I need to complete and I would like you to put these into a timetable for the day. My day will start at 6:30am and will end at 7pm.”


The AI world is changing incredibly fast. New tools are coming up that can make these prompts even better. Using AI tools like ChatGPT can help your business work better and grow without needing to hire more people. These prompts can help you understand what you do and how you do it. If you ask the right questions, you can get good ideas, think of new things, and really understand your business. ChatGPT can help you think, learn, and even act like you're getting advice from a mentor. Of course, it's not the same as talking to real people, but you can get a lot of good information on your own before talking to your customers and team at a higher level.

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