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It's an unsettling obligation that when you register domain names, you have to provide full and accurate contact details. Are you happy having this information published on the Internet, or not so much? We've got the perfect solution, domain privacy, take a look...

ICANN requirements

The public display of owner contact details for all domain names is a rule imposed by ICANN, the international body administering the Internet. Details that include the owner’s name, address, email, and phone number, plus the admin, billing and technical contacts – these are then made public in the online WHOIS database. That’s the official name for the Internet’s telephone directory.

Does that mean that spammers, marketers, domain hijackers, and identity thieves can see my contact details?

Yes they can, the database is accessible by everyone. But similar to a telephone directory, you can choose to go ex-directory and your details won’t appear.

Go ex-directory with domain privacy

Ever wondered why after registering a domain name, you start getting lots of spam email in your mailbox? Unexpected renewal invoices demanding payment, or offers to transfer your domain name? Check their validity; they may be from fraudsters looking to steal your domain name, which could lead to you losing your website.

We take your privacy seriously and if you opt-in to our domain privacy feature, your contact details are masked and replaced with our neutral/white labelled details. You remain the legal owner and overall manager of your domain names; and hijackers and fraudsters won’t see your personal email address.

  • Keep your anonymity whilst remaining the legal owner of your domain names.
  • Protect against identity theft and domain hijacking.
  • Avoid non-compliance and domain deletion, our domain privacy feature is approved and regulated.
  • Minimise junk mail, and avoid spammers and scammers.
  • Stop receiving irritating marketing calls by using a proxy phone number.

Hide your details with over 250 extensions

Domain privacy costs just €5.00 per domain, per year. It works with over 250 extensions including most of the new ones, and .INFO, .COM, .ORG, .NET, .BIZ, .CO, and .ME. Take a look at the domains accepting privacy; the list is growing so it's worth returning.

How to opt-in to domain privacy

You can activate our domain privacy features whenever you like. Whether you already have domain names registered with us, you're registering new ones, or for any domain names that you transfer to us.

  • If you’ve got domain names registered with us, you can activate the feature at any time. Log into your account and go to your list of registered domain names. You can then select which names you'd like to apply our domain privacy feature to, single or bulk.
  • If you’re registering or transferring a domain name, you can activate domain privacy once you’ve put your domain name into your shopping cart. You’ll be asked to configure your order and choose whether you'd like to leave your contact details public or hide them.

If you take a look at the domain privacy articles on our support site, they go into more detail about setting up and managing this valuable security feature. It’s very easy to do but you can always get in touch if you’d like some help.

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