.EU domain registration opens to three new countries

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From January 8, residents of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway will be able to register .EU domain names. Previously, the .EU domain extension was restricted to residents of the European Union; keep reading for more information...

The .EU domain

The .EU domain has been operating since 2005 and is nearing four million domain name registrations. Up until now, only residents of the European Union were eligible to register a .EU domain name. It was always the plan to include Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, from the European Economic Area (EEA), and now it’s possible.

.EU domain registration requirements to change

The revised registration requirements mean that residents, companies and organisations based in the EU and EEA can register this top level domain (TLD), currently Europe’s fourth most popular domain and the eleventh largest TLD in the world.

With our usual perfect timing, we happen to be offering a promotion on registration of .EU domain names*. You can register yours for only €2; don’t waste any time as the number of domains available is reducing every day and the offer finishes on January 31.

If you have any questions regarding the new registration requirements for .EU domain names, please post contact for us a chat.

* UPDATE - JAN 10: That's all folks, we registered 3000 .EU domain names so the promotion has ended. Stay tuned for our next offer, coming soon.

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