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With over 4 million people using their platform to send about six billion emails every month; MailChimp is the email marketing solution that's slowly taking over the world. Earlier in the month EuroDNS was lucky enough to catch-up with the email marketing supremos (and EuroDNS customer) and get some valuable tips.

Catching up with the monkey!

MailChimp is known for its fresh style, easy to use features and interesting marketing giveaways. You guys have featured Star Wars theme days & knitted hats for cats.

This could be considered a bit nutty for a maker of email marketing software. Where do these ideas come from, and how do you get away with it?

We provide an environment that allows for and encourages, acting on spontaneous creativity. When employees feel safe sharing their new ideas, no matter how goofy, and have the freedom to pursue them, good things ultimately arise.

Like email software, domain names aren’t exactly known for their fun value. Do you have any tips on how the industry can make domains names more accessible?

Knowledge is power. Understanding the laws for procuring international domains, specifically providing more detailed information on restrictions.

Email marketing being your forte, do you plan to move into any new technologies or product areas?

At MailChimp we typically prefer to stay focused on what we do really really well, and that's email marketing. Our approach has always been to stay focused on email, have an open API and integrate with the companies & applications that handle other functionality that our users might be looking for. For example, we have a great integration with Eventbrite for event management and SurveyMonkey for surveys.

Finally, can you give our readers some tips on how to write a successful marketing email?

  • Define your readers: once you get a grasp on the people reading your email, it’ll be much easier to decide what to say to them.
  • Determine your content: it can be helpful to outline general content types that you might include in each email campaign.
  • Determine your sending frequency and goals: decide what you’d like to get out of your email marketing. Are you looking to send traffic to your website? Help promote sales? Set goals like these for your campaigns, then keep track of your progress over time.

MailChimp is a subscription based-email marketing platform, who also provide free accounts for those sending under 12,000 email a month. They're highly recommended, so if you haven't tried them yet, you really should. Visit to find out more .

Big thanks to Sharon @MailChimp for taking the time to answer our questions.

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