SSL certificate and conversion rates: are they related?

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According to a 2014 survey, 84% of online end users said they wouldn't buy from a website if their data was sent over an unsecured connection. 77% expressed concern about the hijacking and/or misuse of their personal information. They're looking for proof that a website's safe. Adding security certification will increase your conversion rate.

End user behaviour

GlobalSign, a web-trust Certificate Authority and provider of our SSL certificates, carried out the survey in Europe at the end of last year. Its goal was to analyse end user behaviour with regard to online security.


End users worry about sharing their personal data on unsecured websites.

As an end user myself, I don’t find this hugely surprising. What does amaze me is how many website owners don't bother displaying security indicators. Would you enter your credit card details on a website, if your data could be compromised? Don't you want to make money?

Prove to end users that your site is safe, & increase your conversion rate

The GlobalSign survey revealed that 55% of end users fear identity theft on the Internet. Whilst 75% are aware of security risks when visiting a website.

They’re nervous, they want to use your service or buy your product, but can’t tell if your site’s safe. How many lost transactions does that add up to?

Do you know what security indicators look like?

Your end users do!

Protection for our website and customers comes from an Extended Validation SSL certificate. It’s the daddy of SSL and provides the highest level of encryption. The security indicators are the green padlock with the company name, and HTTPS in the URL. The company name in the address bar lets users know that our website has the strongest level of encryption. The survey says - a visible contact name inspires confidence with end users.


Security indicators enhance trust - enhanced trust means increased conversion rate

You can also add site seals/badges to your website, further proving the validity of your site. End users know which ones to trust and will search them out. Our website displays the GlobalSign site seal. It assures users that their transactions and data transfers are secure.


SSL certificates

Having an SSL certificate validates your website and protects your customers’ online transactions. It's proof to end users that it’s safe to enter credit card details and spend their money.

Partnering with GlobalSign, we provide four types of certificate, from basic to super-strength. They bring the strongest encryption available, and are all SHA-2. Here’s more information about why it has to be SHA-2, and how to setup your SSL certificate.

Adding security indicators to your ecommerce website will improve your conversion rate. You'll generate more revenue - what's not to love!

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