Le Rendez-Vous – UEFA EURO 2016… good luck guys!

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EURO 2016 has kicked off and the level of excitement in our office is reaching fever pitch. Here’s a topical (ish) post. How many domains can be used to illustrate The Beautiful Game? I’m not gonna lie, it’s full of blatant hard sell and dodgy puns – hey, it’s my job…


Supermarkets all over the .EU are frantically restocking their empty .BEER shelves as excited .FANS keep returning to refill their shopping trolleys.

The .BUZZ is electric! Flags are flying in every .BAR and .PUB. Bar staff are polishing .TV screens and readying themselves for a lot of .FOOTBALL/.FUTBOL (lots of feet kicking a ball, you know what I’m talking about).

.TEAM spirit!

It kicked off in .PARIS with .FR vs .RO. France is the .HOST nation and is thought by many to be the favourite to .WIN. Agree, disagree, waiting for Wimbledon? Which team have you placed your .BET on .DE, .ES, .BE, or .IT… ?

England for me, but the .COUNTRY didn’t apply for a new domain extension and doesn’t have a ccTLD – doh!

Sad but true, .LU didn’t qualify, so… GO .LONDON!

Top scorers

Who’s going to score, back of the .NET? Obvious contenders are Ronaldo, Müller, Ibrahimović, Griezmann, Giroud, Kane, Lewandowski, Bale, or Rooooooooney. Did I forget anyone? Regrettably Beckham and Cantona are no longer contenders, unless you’re looking for underwear or lager.

Official mascot rises to the occasion!

Super Victor is the official mascot of EURO 2016. It’s a freaky mix of half boy and half superhero. His .CLOTHING showcases the national colours of France and he’s kitted out with boots, cape, ball and gloves; all with superpowers enabling him to fly.

Breaking .NEWS… Super Victor is not just a boy in a cape, as a .RED faced UEFA discovered when people started searching .ONLINE. Yep, Super victor is also a .SEX toy – he shoots, he scores!

It’s a long shot!

I could have added a link to all the .DOMAINS I’ve mentioned, but I fear that would have been way too much. It’s a long shot but if you get bored during EURO 2016 (as if!), you might fancy registering a domain name. We’ve got the new domain extensions and hundreds of country code domains. Just saying!

Good luck to every .TEAM competing in EURO 2016


Albania | Austria | Belgium | Croatia | Czech Republic | England | France | Germany | Hungary | Iceland | Italy | Northern Ireland | Poland | Portugal | Republic of Ireland | Romania | Russia | Slovakia | Spain |Sweden | Switzerland | Turkey | Ukraine | Wales


Remember, it’s only a .GAME 😉

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