What are the benefits of pre-ordering a domain name?

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To get your perfect domain name, DUH!!! Pre-ordering a domain name is like queuing to see your favourite band, it’s no guarantee but it gives you a fighting chance of being at the front - MOSH PIT!!! There are some rocking new domains, pre-order now or you'll be stuck at the back near the toilets.

What’re the benefits of registering a new domain extension?

Choice, versatility, individualism!

  • As they’re new domain extensions, the best phrases and words are still available. You can find a short, memorable domain name that would cost thousands if you went for it with a .COM.
  • Highlight your industry, passion, community, or your cause with a domain name.
  • Target a geographic region, city, or country.
  • Use non-Latin script with an internationalised domain name (IDN), to speak the language of your audience.
  • Create additional websites that link to your main one, such as .EVENTS or .REVIEWS.
  • Keywords in your name and extension can only help your page ranking.

How do I get the domain name I want with so much competition?

Pre-order your new domain name!

There are hundreds and thousands of great domains available but there’s only one rocking.ninja, there’s only one makeme.rich. So if you’ve spotted your perfect domain name, you have to get in early.

Every TLD starts with a Sunrise/trademark holder period. If you're a registered trademark holder this is when you can grab your domain name and protect your brand, whilst everyone else has a nail-biting wait. To save your fingernails, at EuroDNS we take pre-orders from non-trademark holders. We add you to a waiting list and once General Availability opens, we'll try to register your pre-ordered domain name.

No guarantee, but what’s to lose?

Your perfect domain name!

It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the name you want, despite what some of our peers may offer - but it does increase your chances immensely. Obviously, if we can’t secure your domain name, you'll be refunded in full – no question.

If we're unable to register your domain name we'll always refund your registration fee, but some launch periods also have setup fees which are charged by the registry, and sadly these is non-refundable. Take a look at this support article covering the technicalities of the launch phases.

Pre-orders are accepted on a first come, first served basis, so the sooner you pre-order, the higher the chances of winning your domain name. Oh, and don’t forget, it’s only one pre-order per domain name. This means that we don’t accept multiple pre-orders for a single domain name - one customer, one domain name. We won’t put you in competition with other EuroDNS customers, resulting in an auction battle. We strongly disagree with the practice of pitting our customers against each other, but we seem to be in the minority with this opinion!

What’s the collision list of reserved names?

This is complicated, so please bear with me.

Try as we might, some things are beyond the control of even EuroDNS, and ICANN has drawn up a rather cleverly named 'collision list' for each domain extension. In layman’s terms it's a big list of words that ICANN deems significant, so normal people like you and me can’t register them and they're saved for 'special occasions'. There are also words on the list that match trademarks. In addition to this, several of the domain registries have reserved certain names as premium, meaning they think they're going to be popular so will ask for a higher price.

The gremlin in the machine is registries sometimes show a domain name as available even though it’s on the collision list. This means there's a risk that some pre-orders will also collide with the list of premium reserved names, and customers will be unable to get the name they want.

Brain melting?

Please contact our super sales team if you would like any ideas for good domain names or help with pre-ordering.

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