dotORG IDNs go live and 2 billion people are given a voice!

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Three internationalised domains (IDNs) are now globally available. They're the equivalent of .ORG and it's the perfect opportunity to expand your audience globally. For the rookies out there, the .ORG domain operates in the public interest; it says your website is more than just a business, it's an organisation, it's a place to share ideas and knowledge, and a platform to promote causes. It's a platform that just went international.

Breaking news – more than 2 billion people given a voice

Written in simplified Chinese, .机构 will allow you to target the 1.4 billion people who speak and write Chinese.


.ОРГ is written in native Russian Cyrillic script and allows you to share information with Russia and other Slavic-speaking countries. As one of the most widely used alphabets in the world you will be targeting over 300 million people in Europe and Asia.


Written in native Devanagari script, .संगठन will target the Hindi market where there are nearly 500 million people speaking Hindi as a first language and about 120 million as a second.


These three new domains are unrestricted meaning that anyone can register them. They are priced at just €18.00 each, so what are you waiting for? Increase awareness of your organisation, broadcast your ideas, share your knowledge, and promote your cause to an online world that just got bigger.

People love to talk and we think these are going to be hugely popular - they'll knock down barriers all over the world, so get registering now!

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