Lifteurop on their tool to monitor lifting systems

by Amélie - 27.11.2020

We spoke with Christophe Losange, Director of Lifteurop, a Luxembourgish company that specializes in lifting equipment and accessories. He told us about their Alitracer application, a traceability management tool for lifting.

5 Brilliant WordPress Home Page Examples to Boost Conversion

by Guest - 19.11.2020

Imagine yourself trying to sell a house with an overgrown garden, cracked driveway, and a broken front door. No buyers, right? The same thing might happen while improving your website, so in case if you still rack your brains about how to improve the website, we have already prepared 5 brilliant ideas for you. Check these WordPress home page examples and get inspired!

18 essential business tools for every budget

by Amélie - 12.11.2020

While individuals are relying more and more on technology, successful businesses are no different. As a business owner, you have to understand how digital tools can help develop your brand and take advantage of the available technology to grow your company. Read on to discover our list of 18 essential business tools for every budget.

12 alternative domains for Healthcare, Sports & Fitness

by Amélie - 05.11.2020

Looking for domain name ideas for your Healthcare and Fitness business? Here is our selection of 12 alternative domain name extensions and real-life examples for businesses and professionals in Healthcare, Sports & Fitness industry.

Corporate Domain Name Management: Best Practice Guide [2020]

by Tonia - 26.10.2020

A complete best practice guide to Corporate Domain Name Management suitable for both small growing business and for an established enterprise with a large domain portfolio. Learn 8 steps to building a robust domain management policy, understand issues & risks associated with poor management, its impact on brand identity and reputation.

8 businesses using .EU domain to establish European identity

by Tonia - 22.10.2020

These eight businesses across different industries from Sustainability & Energy, Technology, News & Blogging, Real Estate & Construction, Recruitment, Healthcare to Transport & Logistics are using .EU domain extension to establish their European identity and their reach in the market.

Email security for banks: everything you need to know

by Guest - 20.10.2020

As the sophistication of cyberattacks increases, phishing attacks against email security remain popular, despite easily being able to identify phishing email scams. Most businesses, especially banks, can think that a spam filter in their inbox is all they need, but hackers view banks as one of the most desirable targets.

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