What's scarier than a public toilet seat? Free WiFi for starters

by Daniel - 22.05.2017

Most of us see using public toilets as something of a risky venture, but we appreciate their sheer convenience all the same. That said, did you know there is another daily convenience even more questionable than a gas station restroom? Yes, we’re talking about free public WiFi networks that at one time or another we’ve all taken advantage of. Despite their myriad security risks. 

Your ransomware wake-up call: be proactive or pay a price

by Daniel - 15.05.2017

Computers everywhere were besieged on May 12th by WannaCry, a vicious cyber-attack which held users’ files for ransom. Hospitals, businesses, and government agencies across the globe were left scrambling to contain the damage. Now, experts say it’s only a matter of time before we see an even bigger, more destructive attack.

gTLDs, your email address, and the fight for universal acceptance

by Luc - 24.04.2017

Dated software and hardware is unable to recognise new generic top level domains (gTLDs) which can cause big problems if you're using one in your email address. But here's an important step consumers and registrars can take together to fight for Universal Acceptance of gTLDs, especially with regards to their use in email addresses. 

.FUN, a vibrant new domain extension for catchy online branding!

by Daniel - 04.04.2017

The online worlds of entertainment and leisure have a new contender in the ring for most sought-after domain extension, .FUN! Short and punchy, with a high recall value, the .FUN extension serves as a recognisable and catchy branding tool for businesses and individuals looking to generate enthusiasm for their offerings. 

ICANN 58: the domain industry a lightning rod for the Internet

by Luc - 28.03.2017

At ICANN 58, participants gathered for six days in Copenhagen to tackle such issues of importance for the domain name industry as date privacy law, WHOIS reform, and prepare for the next round of new extensions, much of which our legal eagle Luc covered in our March 23rd post. This week, Luc returns with the conclusion to his two-part report. 

ICANN 58: domain industry news from Copenhagen

by Luc - 23.03.2017

ICANN 58, stretched out over the course of 6 days, left little time to explore the beautiful host city of Copenhagen but lots of time to consider issues of importance to the domain name industry. Despite his slight irritation with the windowless rooms in which these meetings were held, our legal eagle Luc reports back from the front lines. 

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