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Now offering Anycast DNS at no additional cost to all our customers! With its reduced latency, built-in DDoS mitigation, and minimised downtimes, you're going to love our new and improved premium DNS service! See what makes Anycast DNS tick, and why it's considered to be the fastest, most reliable DNS option around!

Why Anycast DNS?

Our managed DNS services, previously built with a combination of Unicast and Anycast networks, is no longer using Unicast routing.

While Unicast was certainly reliable and appropriate for sites with a single webserver to accommodate a moderate amount of traffic, it did have one especially big drawback. It was less efficient for accessing sites with high levels of traffic, sites which demand the use of multiple servers – each with the same IP address and dispersed geographically – to serve requests.

Anycast does just that. It allows many servers to have the same IP which means larger numbers of users from anywhere in the world will have no trouble accessing a site which regularly sees high levels of traffic. In other words, Anycast is a faster, more reliable, and more practical option.

Anycast’s specific advantages

Compared to Unicast, Anycast offers many distinct benefits, including:

Faster connectivity

  • Anycast uses fewer internet hops
  • Reduced latency and instant cache updates
  • Delivers improved user experience

Server reliability

  • Redundant servers across muliple continents mean better website availability
  • If, for example, the server in Berlin is under maintenance, service will automatically reroute to a different server with the next best route
  • 100% uptime guaranteed

Easy setup

  • Intuitive DNS configuration page
  • Distributed to every one of your network nodes
  • If you experience too much load on one server, a new server will be deployed in the area where you need it

Stronger security

  • Proprietary non-open source platform relies on private connections less vulnerable to attack
  • Namerserver segmentation improves response reliability and DDoS protection
  • DNSSEC protects against DNS spoofing

DDoS protection

  • Built-in DDoS mitigation ensures uptime and availability are not impacted
  • Attack traffic shared with numerous servers, none of which will be compromised by full power of an attack
  • Provides stronger defence than Unicast, which is more likely to be compromised by full-on attack traffic

Premium DNS service, no additional cost!

Our new DNS services are powered by Neustar, one of the world’s leading providers of Internet-related services and infrastructure.

And by the way - our Classic DNS, still free with every domain name registration, is now even faster and more secure thanks to the Anycast DNS network! Cool!

Let us know if you have questions about Anycast! We’ll be glad to help!

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