Boost Your Online Sales: Discover How a .Store Domain Can Surge Your Traffic by 87%

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.Store domains are a smart choice for anyone looking to boost their online retail presence. This blog explores a detailed 12-month study by Contrast Digital, revealing how .Store domains significantly enhance traffic and decrease marketing costs, positioning them as a key asset in the competitive eCommerce market.

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It's quite a challenge, especially with recent stats showing that Americans were set to spend about $1.13 trillion on online shopping in 2023.

This trend highlights the big opportunity and tough competition in the digital marketplace.

Why .Store is the ultimate domain for your eCommerce business

.Store domain names are specifically designed to enhance online retail spaces, e-commerce platforms, and business storefronts. For any retailer, from startups to established enterprises, .Store provides an ideal platform for attracting more customers and increasing online sales.

Overview of the .Store Domain Study

A recent 12-month study by Contrast Digital, an eCommerce marketing agency, has provided some clear insights on how a .Store domain can boost traffic, reduce costs per conversion, and double your search visibility for your eCommerce business.

The study compared the performance of two similar online stores.

The only major difference was their domain extension—one used a .Store domain. All other elements were kept as similar as possible, including the second-level domain, number of pages, page layouts, product descriptions, blog content, and paid search campaigns.

Over the 12-month period, this research carefully tracked and compared their performance, giving a unique look at how much domain choice can affect eCommerce success.

Key findings from the .Store Domain Research

The results were impressive.

The store with the .Store domain attracted an impressive 87% more traffic, which is crucial in a market where trillions are spent on online purchases, indicating a significant advantage in attracting potential customers.

It also gained twice the visibility in search engine results, an important aspect for businesses fighting for a space in e-commerce market.

Moreover, the study found a 12% drop in the cost per conversion for the store with the .Store domain, indicating a smarter use of marketing funds and a better ROI.

.store domain names 96% off

How this can help boost sales for your eCommerce business

These insights aren't just theoretical; they provide real, practical tips for you as an eCommerce business owner.

In today's world, where a digital presence is key to business success, the domain you choose can really affect your store’s visibility, customer draw, and overall profits.

The research shows that a smart domain choice, like going for a .Store domain, can give you a clear competitive advantage in your eCommerce business.

Benefits of choosing a .Store domain name

1. Instant Industry Recognition: Using a .Store domain can lend instant credibility and recognition within the retail industry. It signals to customers, partners, and competitors that you are a dedicated retail business. 

2. Memorable and Marketable: .Store domains are typically straightforward and memorable, making them easy for customers to recall and visit again. This can be particularly beneficial for marketing campaigns as a catchy and relevant domain name can drive more traffic to your site. 

3. Global Appeal: The term "store" is universally understood across many languages as a place to buy goods, making it a globally appealing option for international businesses looking to attract customers from around the world. 

4. Availability of Desired Names: Since .Store is a newer domain extension compared to traditional ones like .com or .net, there's a higher likelihood of obtaining a short, relevant, and direct domain name that may no longer be available in the more saturated extensions.

Ready to elevate your eCommerce business with a .Store domain?

This study is an essential resource for eCommerce business owners navigating the competitive and ever-evolving eCommerce scene.

As consumer spending and online shopping habits continue to evolve, making an informed, strategic decision about your digital identity becomes crucial.

The findings from this study suggest that choosing a .Store domain is not just about looks; it's a strategic business move that can greatly improve your online store's traffic, search engine presence, and marketing effectiveness.

Get your .Store domain now!

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