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Having your domain names registered with lots of different registrars is a pain. Email coming from several registrars, renewals, expiry dates, requests to transfer, unauthorised changes... you're putting your domain names at risk. How do you stay on top? Consolidate your domain names with a single registrar, here's how...

Why don't you protect them?

Chosen your domain name and designed your website. Multiple domain names registered for your products, services, management team, press page, events' calendar, not to mention your personalised business email address. Your entire marketing plan has been built around your portfolio of domain names. You chose to register your domain names with various registrars - fair enough. But managing them is a pain. If you miss a single email, you could lose a domain name - time and money lost. Why don't you protect them by consolidating with a single registrar?

It’s safer to consolidate your domain names

  • Invoices and alerts arriving in different email boxes is chaotic. Use a single contact address to make your life easier.
  • ICANN has recently introduced a Contact validation policy. If your contact information is inaccurate and you fail to update, as an accredited ICANN registrar we are obliged to suspend your account and any domain names associated with it. We don't mean to sound scary, but you really have to keep those contact details current.
  • Domain folders and shared access means you can categorise your domain names by country, customer, extension, etc. You will then be able to perform global updates. Shared access reduces your workload by allowing you to grant different levels of access to your team so they can look after admin.
  • Every account at EuroDNS has a dedicated account manager ready to look after your domain portfolio and let you know about any changes to registration requirements.
  • We give a free Alpha SSL certificate and a free email address with every domain name registered or transferred to our platform. We also offer site building tools, advanced DNS capabilities, web hosting, and 750+ domain extensions.

How to transfer your domain names

Simply follow the steps below to transfer your domain names to us. If you have a real big portfolio of names, please contact the sales teamand they’ll be happy to chat with you about our assisted transfer service and bulk domain pricing.

Unlock your domain names and ask for the authorisation code (EPP code/transfer key) from your current registrar. You'll also need to ask to temporarily disable privacy protection.

  • Newbies need to create an account before starting. If you have a EuroDNS account, please log in.
  • Go to DOMAIN NAMES > TRANSFER > select Transfer from another registrar.
  • Enter the domain names you'd like to transfer and click TRANSFER YOUR NAMES.
  • Click CHANGE SETTINGS to enter your contact details and name server profiles.
  • This is when you'll need to provide the extra stuff like authorisation codes, company registration number, etc.
  • Click NEXT STEP. You can add other services at this point, or save until later.
  • Click REVIEW AND PAYMENT, choose your invoice profile and payment method, and accept our T&Cs.
  • Click on Place order.

It's worth remembering for newly registered or recently transferred names, there is a 60 day waiting period before you can initiate a transfer. And please, don’t leave it to the last minute; transfers aren’t possible fewer than seven days before a domain’s expiry date.

Want to know more? Please visit our domain transfer page for more information, or contact your account manager.

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