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ICANN, the guys who look after the Internet, have recently introduced a new policy. It concerns contact validation and it's designed to remind customers once a year to check and update their contact information. As an ICANN accredited registrar we're authorised to sell domain names, which means there are rules to follow. This article explains what you have to do when you receive a contact validation email.

Contact validation email

ICANN asks that this new policy occurs on a yearly basis. We will send you a contact validation email with the Subject: Urgent Domain Validation Needed. This email will contain a link that you will be asked to click. You will then be able to confirm the contact information is correct or update it.

It's essential that you verify your contact details within the specified time as failure to do so will, regrettably, lead to the suspension of your account and any domain names associated with it.

It’s a policy for your protection

It's very important that your contact email address is current. This primary contact email address is vital for the effective and safe management of your domain names, make sure it’s correct. We have a support article explaining how to update your contact details, have a look.

If you have any questions about this new policy or have received a contact validation email and are unsure what to do, please read our new contact validation support article or let us know in the comments below.

It’s good to remember that EuroDNS will never ask for your username or password in an email.

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