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Do you have a large portfolio? Finding it a pain to manage your vast collection of domain names? Categorise and organise your domain names with domain folders, they'll help you manage your domain names and perform global updates, whilst keeping them secure. This post explains how...

Why use domain folders

Using domain folders is the perfect way to categorise your domain names by personal, business, customer, country, extension, renew, expire, etc. This means it's easy to always find the name you want, perform batch updates and more.

In addition, you can give shared access to domain folders and this will allow you to assign different rights and privileges to people. You remain in control with others available to help with the admin stuff.

Creating domain folders

  • Log in to your EuroDNS account and click DOMAIN NAMES in the blue menu, then FOLDERS underneath.
  • Hover over the root folder to the left and click the + sign.
  • Enter a name for your folder and hit Enter, your new folder will appear under.
  • If you'd like to change the name of the folder, click on the folder's pencil icon.

Moving domain names between folders

  • Log in to your EuroDNS account and click DOMAIN NAMES in the blue menu.
  • Tick the domain name(s) you'd like to move.
  • At the foot of the page under the 1 Action tab, scroll right down the page to Move to Folder.
  • A new dropdown menu appears underneath with the heading, Select an option. Choose the folder that you'd like to move your domain name(s) to.

Our help site contains lots of useful information about managing your domain names along with other handy tips. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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