.EU domain name numbers up, just this side of 4 million mark!

Wow! .EU domain names are as popular as ever! EURid, the .EU ccTLD registry, just released its Annual Report and the numbers are impressive! At nearly 4 million, .EU domain name registrations continue to climb. Which has us asking one question: what's behind this upward trend in .EU domain name registrations?

by Daniel - 23.04.2018

Up, up, and away! .EU by the numbers

Since its launch in 2005, .EU, country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the European Union, has developed a strong reputation with businesses and consumers alike.

And judging by the impressive numbers in EURid's just-released 2017 report, .EU's popularity is only continuing to grow:

  • Registration growth: compared to 2016, registrations grew by 52,085 (from 3,762,970 to 3,815,055)
  • Renewal growth: renewals rose 2.5% (from 79.4% to 81.9%)
  • DNSSEC signed domains grew by 95,199 (from 348,401 to 443,600)

Germany is, once again, leading the pack with its number of registered .EU domains, followed by the Netherlands, France, and the UK. As we’ve recently reported, the future of UK-owned .EU domains is a bit uncertain post-Brexit, thought we are offering our customers solutions. If you are a .EU registrant located outside of the European Economic Area and wish to keep your .EU domain after Brexit, we strongly encourage you to renew your domain now for up to ten years.

.EU per country

What accounts for .EU domain name popularity?

1. Consumer trust

Internet users recognise the .EU extension at a glance. And as one of the most recognisable extensions in the world, it has won the trust of consumers. But beyond its recognisability, .EU indicates to consumers that you are a legal entity based in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Norway and are, therefore, subject to EU laws and other relevant trading standards. SMEs who have registered a .EU domain have especially benefited from these distinct advantages.

2. Massive reach

With the European Commission, Council and Parliament having just reached an agreement to end geo-blocking, businesses within the European Economic Area can now take advantage of easier access to the digital single market. Entering into new markets is easier with a .EU domain name, improving branding potential, visibility, and reach throughout the entire EU.

3. Language flexibility

An .EU domain name can be registered in the 23 official languages of the EU, helping you create more memorable, intuitive branding, and a better overall customer experience for customers who speak different languages. Registering a .EU internationalised domain name (IDN) allows registrants to use special characters like the Swedish å, the German ü, the Romanian ș, and characters from the Bulgarian (Cyrillic) and Greek alphabets as a whole.

4. Available domains

With the increased difficultly of finding available .COM, .NET, and .ORG domain names, .EU provides registrants with a strong, proven alternative. Still relatively new, .EU is likely to deliver just the right domain name. Short, memorable, applicable to numerous uses - personal or professional - .EU could even provide better geo-targeting than one of the aforementioned TLDs.

.EU domain registration for EuroDNS customers and resellers!

Customers who register a .EU domain name with EuroDNS will receive numerous free add ons:

To find out more about current .EU promotional offers for resellers, please contact your account manager for more info: +352 263 725 250 or sales@eurodns.com. They'll be happy to get you started with all the marketing and communications resources available at our reseller marketing portal so you can begin offering the .EU ccTLD to your customers!


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