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Today we're featuring the EuroDNS affiliate programme! Some of you out there are already members; having signed up a while ago you're now enjoying the commission you receive on sales. Anyone can sign up for our affiliate programme, advertise our services and products, and receive extra cash - all you need is a website.

Affiliate programme

We'll be posting here regularly with news, updates, and tips, plus you can subscribe to our affiliate newsletter. If you'd like to become a partner, have a read and join the gang.

Our affiliate programme offers everyone with a website, the chance to earn some great commission. Once you sign up to become a partner, you have access to the best tools and banners so that you can start promoting our products and services on your website. It's completely free and all you need to do is encourage visitors to click the banner links and make a sale. Start promoting, driving leads, and you'll earn yourself some great commission. If you take a look at our new affiliate website, you'll find lots more information.

If you'd like to chat with a human being, you can contact us at and we can set up a call.

Affiliate news

We'll be posting regular content that'll include all you need to know, such as technical changes to the affiliate programme and platform improvements. Plus, to help you improve your referral conversion rate and boost your affiliate commission, they'll be lots of tips and tricks.

If you'd like to receive this information in your mailbox, sign up for our quarterly affiliate newsletter.


Optimise your affiliate marketing to increase your revenue

We've revamped your commission statements and you'll now be able to identify the country of origin for each order, along with a list of the products purchased.

How's this going to help? If you find that you've got lots of users in the UK who're interested in European country code domain extensions (ccTLDs), you can target them with the appropriate banners and related news.

You're making it personal and targeting with relevant material; your customers will feel appreciated and trust levels will increase. As their loyalty strengthens, so your affiliate commission will grow.


Banners for all our domain extensions & products

Originally, our domain affiliate programme was purely for the domain extensions we offer. Now we've expanded the programme to include other EuroDNS products and since the launch of the programme, our domain extensions now exceed 750.

This means you can earn commission by promoting all our domain extensions, SSL certificates, web hosting, and professional mailboxes.

You can choose from hundreds of newly-designed banners promoting all our domains and products. Take a look - they're pretty cool.


Sign up for free & start earning now!

With the potential to earn up to 30% commission , we offer the highest in the domain name industry on all domain name registrations.

What do you think - interested in earning some extra cash? Of course you are, and it won't cost you a penny. Getting started is real easy, sign up and fill in your details. If you have any questions about our affiliate programme, please contact and we can talk.

As you'll be joining the domain industry, you might also like to sign up for our EuroDNS newsletter; it’s packed with domain news.

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