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The online worlds of entertainment and leisure have a new contender in the ring for most sought-after domain extension, .FUN! Short and punchy, with high recall value, a .FUN domain name acts as a recognisable and catchy branding tool for businesses and individuals looking to generate enthusiasm for their offerings.

.FUN, a light-hearted domain extension with serious potential

To be successful, entertainment and leisure-related businesses must stand out amidst all of the already-available options:

Entertainment sites

This is undoubtedly the best moment in history to be an entertainment junkie. Online entertainment accounts for over 70 percent of global Internet consumption, with countless sites offering movies, television, games, comedy shorts, and any other diversion you could ever want just a click away.

Leisure sites

There’s no end to the number and variety of leisure-related sites and blogs. Event planning sites devoted to everything from exhibitions and trade fairs to festivals and concerts make up one of the biggest business sectors on the Internet.

Travel sites

Customers in the mood for a culinary travel vacation, eco-tourism package, or good old fashioned beach holiday have no trouble finding information which caters to their specific needs.

No, these days the problem isn’t finding entertainment or leisure-related online content, products, and services. The problem is figuring out how to differentiate your site’s offerings. Sites geared towards any of these industries must work a little harder to attract customers.

.FUN extension creates a unique, fun branding opportunity

Enter .FUN, a memorable (and rare) 3-character domain extension intended to improve the branding of websites and blogs with “fun” offerings.

Whether a company or individual specialises in event planning or tourism services, celebrity gossip or cat videos, .FUN makes it easier to establish and/or reinforce a strong brand presence in an already crowded online market place.

.FUN adds personality to a site or blog. It evokes a youthful, energetic, and relatable brand image, an image that aligns perfectly with the vibrant industries of entertainment and leisure. It also provides countless hacking opportunities to increase the stickiness of your online branding.

Whether it’s used as a primary website address or as a shortcut to drive visitors deeper into your site, .FUN provides a unique opportunity to increase user engagement. .FUN is the name but increasing your site’s traffic is the game!

Why wait? Start having .FUN today!

.FUN comes to us via Radix, the registry behind other recognisable top-level domain extensions like .SITE, .SPACE, and .ONLINE.

Your .FUN domain registration includes a host of free features:

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the .FUN. Register your .FUN domain name today!

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