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On 2 Sept 2016, the .FI registry (FICORA) will cease acting as a registrar. All accounts held in their system will be closed. If your .FI domain names are registered directly with FICORA, you must find a new registrar to manage your domain names. This doesn't apply if your .FI domain names are registered with EuroDNS already.

Choose EuroDNS now!

Trying to find a new registrar can be a daunting prospect and we’d strongly recommend you choose your new registrar and initiate the transfer process now. EuroDNS has been authorised to manage and register .FI domain names on your behalf, please see how to transfer to our platform below.

Remember, from 5 September you WILL NOT be able to make changes to your .FI domain names once the new operational model is launched. You will need to transfer your .FI domain names to an accredited registrar who’ll have the power to perform new registrations, renewals, transfers, and other updates.

Timetable for changes to .FI operational model

  • 2 September - all user accounts held in the current domain name service at the Finnish registry (FICORA) will be closed.
  • 5 September - the new domain name service will open for those registrars that have registered, like EuroDNS.
  • 7 September - anyone, anywhere will be able to register a .FI domain name after local presence requirements are lifted.

EuroDNS – your new registrar

From 5 September you will not be able to make changes to your .FI domain names if they're registered directly with the Finnish registry, and your account there will be deleted from the domain name service. To ensure the ongoing security of your .FI domain names, we offer our services as your new registrar.

Why EuroDNS? Take a look!

  • EuroDNS has a multilingual team and website offering English, French, German, and Spanish.
  • We’ve over ten years of domain industry experience and manage over 750 domain extensions.
  • Every domain name registered or transferred to EuroDNS comes with a free Alpha SSL certificate.
  • We offer two-step verification as an added layer of protection to safeguard your personal information and prevent hackers from hijacking your domain names.
  • You can choose to hide your personal information and protect against identity theft, spammers and scammers by using our domain privacy feature.
  • Additional services include: web hosting, free email address with each domain name, a personal account manager, superior website performance and extra security with Professional DNS.

How to transfer your .FI domains to EuroDNS

If you’re a new customer initially you’ll need to create a EuroDNS account, it’s very simple. Just fill in your username and think of a strong password, click the green button and you’re done. Then follow the transfer steps below:

  • Go to the domain transfer page and enter the .FI domain names you wish to transfer.
  • Configure your domains with any additional services you’d like, and add contact details and name server profiles.
  • You will need to ask your current registrar for the appropriate authorisation codes to complete your transfer. If your .FI domain names are registered directly with the .FI registry, please note that authorisation codes are sent by post. It’s imperative that your contact information is accurate and that you allow enough time to receive the code.
  • Save your settings, review your request, and then complete your payment.

Simple as that, welcome to EuroDNS!

If you'd like to talk about your options, please contact us and we can discuss the whole process.

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