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A couple of weeks back, ICANN kicked off discussions concerning a second round of new domain extensions. You can download the Draft Work Plan if you’d like to see the details but basically ICANN intend opening the second application period in 2018 (deadlines in the previous launch were a wee bit fluffy, so large pinch of salt is essential).

What's your reaction?

My first thought was WOW, more new domains and only half way through the first launch. That's pretty ambitious!

The exact timing of the subsequent launch is yet to be confirmed and remembering the numerous false starts of the first launch, I’d say it’s wise to be a bit fluffy with dates at this stage. With the current round now running relatively smoothly, ICANN can now divert resources toward preparation of the second round, with the added benefit of lessons learned (we can but hope).

What do you think of more domain extensions?

I’d love for you to share your thoughts and opinions on some, all, or one of the questions below.

  • Do you want more domains to play with or are you bored already?
  • Have you registered a new domain and you’re already reaping the rewards of more visitors and improved page ranking?
  • What new domains would you like to see that didn’t appear the first time? Chats in the EuroDNS office have wondered at the absence of .KISS and .KITTEN, and mourned the loss of .KETCHUP, .CADILLAC, and .TRANSFORMERS.
  • Did you introduce a new domain extension in the first round and now see this second round as a threat?
  • What should ICANN have learned and subsequently improved from the first round?
  • Do you think the big brand names that were missing last time will apply during the second round; such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Pepsi, LinkedIn, and Twitter?
  • The success of a new domain is not all about numbers and this will be reflected in usage and renewals (starting soon). How should we gauge the success and sustainability of a new domain?
  • Should registries offering geo-targeted and community domains be paying the same fees as registries offering generic domains, bearing in mind they’re targeting a smaller audience?
  • The city domains are proving popular, which other cities would you like to see as domain extensions?
  • Did ICANN forget to check their collision list when they approved the application for .PROD? Meant to represent the word ‘product’, it appears to be causing problems with companies that use it to represent their production servers. Have you had similar problems?
  • Will this ring the death knell for .COM?

Crazy idea or brilliant news! Let’s hear what you have to say.

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