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Feel like your voice is getting lost among all the online chatter? Your Internet presence pushed aside by the competition? Well, get ready to create a buzz with a .BUZZ domain name, a domain branding choice that cuts through all the noise! See how a .BUZZ domain is creating online branding buzz for these diverse industries!

What's all the buzz about .BUZZ?

Bill Doshier, CEO of DotStrategy Co, the registry which operates .BUZZ, understands that registrants can become frustrated by the lack of strong domain name choices, domains that are available, appropriate, and memorable.

As Doshier says here: “Since the internet was opened to commercial use almost 20 years ago, the domain namespace has been generally limited to three top level domains: .COM, .NET and .ORG [...] there are over 130 million domains registered in these top three TLDs, 112 million in .COM alone."

In other words, finding a good, short, meaningful domain name these days can seem like finding a needle in a haystack: "Consumers and businesses need new options for domain names specific to their individual needs and online identities. The new TLDs provide [the] opportunity for everybody to secure a relevant domain name.”

So why .BUZZ? “In the domain business, the shorter the word, the better,” Doshier says. “.BUZZ is short, edgy, fun and globally recognised. The world is abuzz with new events each day, providing ongoing opportunities for new .BUZZ domain name registration and web page development.”

Everyone’s getting .BUZZed!

There's no doubt, Doshier's investment in .BUZZ has caught the attention of those seeking a domain name that is noteworthy, exciting, and "what’s happening right now”.

Take a look at how all these different industries are profiting from registering a .BUZZ domain name.

Entertainment and travel communities

.BUZZ makes it easy for film distributors, music makers, and events planners to share buzz-worthy news and information about their product or services. (Even Oprah Winfrey’s very own Harpo Productions registered a .BUZZ domain!) And the travel and tourism industry, which make up a large number of .BUZZ domain registrations, are generating a buzz about all the latest hot-ticket festivals, cultural events, and must-see venues.

Legal cannabis community

In countries like Australia or certain parts of the United States (as well as many others), where cannabis is legal for medicinal, scientific, and/or recreational use, the cannabis community has found .BUZZ to be an ideal domain extension, one which speaks to the community’s unique marketing niche. Growers, dispensaries, bloggers, and paraphernalia specialists are getting everyone buzzed with their online .BUZZ platforms!

Apiculture community

Thee world of apiculture (or beekeeping), another niche market, has found the .BUZZ domain to be equally ideal. Beekeeping business suppliers, agriculturalists, research organisations, and honey wholesalers keep their online branding sticky with a memorable, relevant .BUZZ domain name. After all, what sound is more recognisable with bees than bzzzz?

Create a swarm with your .BUZZ online branding!

With the scarcity of available .COM, .NET, and .ORG domain names, .BUZZ provides a strong domain branding alternative. .BUZZ is short, memorable, and applicable to numerous uses, from brand building to sharing the latest news about your products and services. And because registration is open to any company, organisation, or individual, .BUZZ can be yours right now. When you register your .BUZZ domain with us, you’ll receive our Classic DNS package, an Alpha SSL certificate, and a free personalised email address.

And attention EuroDNS resellers! For a limited time (April 2nd through June 29th), EuroDNS is offering .BUZZ domain name registration at a reduced promotional cost just for you. To find out more about our .BUZZ promotional offer for resellers, please contact your account manager for more info: +352 263 725 250 or They'll be happy to get you started with all the marketing and communications resources you need to begin offering .BUZZ to your customers!

If you’re looking for a domain name that will help you cut through your competition like a .BUZZ saw, register your .BUZZ domain name today!

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