More than 10,000 trademarks registered with TMCH so far...

The Trademark Clearinghouse is the database for all registered trademarks, created by ICANN to protect trademark owners’ brands during the introduction of over 1000 new domain extensions. At EuroDNS we've designed a TMCH platform to help simplify registration with the TMCH and we're taking applications now.

by Meg - 14.10.2013

Registered trademarks

Here are some highlights in numbers:

  • By mid-September there were 10,800 trademark records registered with the TMCH, with an average two labels per trademark. With ICANN signing the first contracts and launch dates approaching, we expect to see that number grow considerably.
  • Registrations per month are already on the increase, with over 5600 projected registrations for September, 2.7 times higher than August, and 3.7 times higher than March to July.
  • The figures show the majority (82%) of applications have been made through accredited agents despite initially registering with the TMCH directly; trademark holders soon realised the complexities involved and the possibility of missing Sunrise phases.
  • One-year registrations were popular to begin with, suggesting that the initial uncertainty hanging over the new gTLDs made registrants cautious. Now figures show more multi-year registrations as it’s apparent that the new gTLD releases could take several years. The multi-year registrations have automatic re-validation and renewal so potential time delays causing Sunrise periods to be missed, is avoided.
  • Initially, the countries with most trademark applications were the US, followed by France, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Canada and Australia; with over 20 records per country. In recent months there has been an increase in European registrations, with Africa and China close behind. China registrations are accelerating because early gTLD releases will be using the Chinese script.

It’s not too late to register with the TMCH

Registering your trademark with the TMCH is the only way to ensure you can register your new domain during the trademark holder only Sunrise phase. Trademark registrations are speeding up as the new gTLD launch dates approach; whilst the TMCH will not run out of space, we would strongly recommend you register your trademarks as soon as possible.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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