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.ART domain names are an intuitive choice for anyone looking to promote and sell their art work or services on the Internet. For artists, galleries, and businesses, .ART domains have made online art marketing easier than ever. Take a look at how these .ART domain names are being used to reach art markets around the world.

.ART domains benefit artists and art-related business

.ART domain names are typically used to promote art spaces, e-commerce sites, blogs, and personal online portfolios. For artists or anyone associated with the world of art, .ART provides an ideal opportunity for attracting the attention of potential buyers and collectors.

Whether its artists registering .ART as a way to showcase their work, or galleries and showrooms using .ART to attract the attention of art lovers and aficionados, a .ART domain name is flexible choice which delivers multiple benefits.

Online portfolios

Many artists, like Dirk Janssens, have discovered that having a website on a .ART domain is an intuitive way to share information about themselves with the public and identify their involvement with the art community. Artists like Janssens use their .ART domain name as a way to highlight their:

  • Portfolio of work
  • Past and upcoming exhibitions
  • Press and CV
  • Sales and contact information


Branding opportunities

.ART is an easy-to-hack extension. Many registrants like Mokhovikova.ART and Evelinecorbet.ART simply attach their own name to the .ART extension, a branding move which allows them to explicitly highlight who they are and what they do. And because .ART is a short, three-letter extension, their domain name is more likely to be remembered. Less generic than catch-all .COM, a .ART domain name isn’t likely to get lost in a sea of similar sounding domain names. It is as unique as the art it showcases.


Art world affiliation

.ART is favoured by artists but that isn’t to say it hasn’t been adopted by non-artists as well. The .ART extension was designed for anyone involved in the art world, from museums and galleries, to suppliers and even business solutions. Knowyour.ART, for example, provides compliance services specifically for art professionals - dealers, auctioneers, and galleries.


Defensive registration

Globally recognised brand names have also helped to popularise the .ART domain extension. Global giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google have purchased .ART domain names as part of their larger brand protection strategies. Registering multiple domain names is a smart way to both protect the integrity of a brand and increase a brand's online presence.

Sell your art or related service with a .ART domain name

Your .ART domain name can significantly impact how your site visitors perceive you. .ART is a domain extension that stands out and calls attention. It authoritatively announces what your area of expertise is. Before they click on your site, visitors already know what to expect.

In other words, .ART domain names establish an immediate connection with users. If you are affiliated with the art world, .ART is just the art marketing tool you need to leave a lasting impression.

Register your .ART domain name today and receive free of charge:

Attention domain resellers:

From November 5th through December 31st, EuroDNS is offering .ART domain names to our resellers at a special promotional cost. Contact your account manager at +352 263 725 250 or sales@eurodns.com to get set up and start promoting .ART to your customers.

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