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What are the secrets of an effective SEO strategy - 2020

by Amélie - 29.05.2020

Did you know that 60% of Internet users don't go further than the first three results when searching on Google? It is therefore unlikely that your website will get a lot of organic traffic if your content doesn’t appear in the first results of search engines. That's where your SEO strategy comes into play! In this post, we explain what are the essential criteria for your website to get top search engine ranking in 2020.

12 best learning resources for SMBs in digital marketing

by Amélie - 20.05.2020

The Office of Advocacy reported in 2019 that only 78.5% of small businesses in the U.S survive their first year. This number may be discouraging to entrepreneurs out there, it should be noted one of the impacting reasons is related to the absence of a successful digital marketing strategy. While online marketing does provide an opportunity to reach a larger marketplace, gain new customers and to build a faithful community around your brand, investing in it can take up resources and time, but more importantly it requires technical knowledge and skills. To ensure your business is implementing a winning strategy, we have put together a list of learning resources to help you upskill in all areas of digital marketing.

Choosing your domain name: 7 mistakes you should avoid

by Amélie - 14.05.2020

Choosing the right domain name for your website is very important, but it is not always easy. Your domain represents your brand and is long-term commitment, hence requiring your full attention. To help you choose a winning domain name, we have listed the top 7 traps to avoid.

Increase in cyberattacks: how to be better protected?

by Amélie - 07.05.2020

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the health crisis as well as of many employees working remotely in order to increase the number of virus-related attacks. Discover our solutions to protect your company against these attacks.

How to choose your web hosting package?

by Amélie - 23.04.2020

You’ve decided you need a website to showcase your business, but you don’t know anything about hosting? No worries, we’ve prepared a checklist for you to find your way among all the different packages that exist.

8 best free WordPress plugins for e-commerce websites

by Amélie - 16.04.2020

That’s it! You just bought a domain name and you’re ready to get started with your e-commerce website, but you’re wondering which WordPress plugins to use? Look no further with our selection of 8 best free plugins for e-commerce websites.

How to move your business online during COVID-19 shutdown

by Amélie - 07.04.2020

While the COVID-19 epidemic is spreading all over the planet, many countries have enforced social distancing rules and a shutdown of unnecessary services. In these difficult times for businesses, more and more companies are thinking out of the box and moving their activities online. You might have thought about it yourself but you don’t know where to start? This post will help you find your way through and figure out how to continue offering your services.

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