Domain name hot tips: 2018's new TLDs for websites and blogs

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And they're off! In 2018, we launched several new top-level domains (TLDs), providing you even more variety and choice. From industry specific to HSTS preloaded, we have new domain name options for every blog or website. Ensure a lasting web presence! Hot tips for finding a domain that will go the distance!

Latest domain name registration options

We are pleased to announce our most recent selection of domain name offerings. Be sure to visit our site for specific information concerning availability phases and any registration restrictions.

.APP domain names

Mobile and web app developers now have their very own domain, .APP. .APP domain names are the first to be inscribed in the HTTPS Strict Transport Security (HSTS) Preload List. If you aren’t using a valid SSL certificate – like the free one you’ll get when you register .APP at EuroDNS – your .APP domain won’t load in major browsers. All subdomains must be covered in your SSL Certificate so you’ll need to add a Wildcard.

.ICU domain names

With exact match .COMs harder and harder to come by, .ICU is an excellent alternative. Short, generic, and memorable, an .ICU domain puts the focus on your brand name, helping you stand out in today’s crowded global Internet landscape. .ICU domain registration is open to anyone who wants to make sure all eyes are on their site or blog!

.LLC domain names

.LLC domain name registration is open to all but is especially ideal for limited liability companies. As .LLC is a new domain name option, you’ll likely have no problem finding an exact match for your business, making it easier for customers to find you.

.GA domain names

.GA is the ccTLD for Gabon, a sovereign state located on the west coast of Central Africa. .GA domain registration is open to anyone but with one caveat: your .GA domain name must always be associated with an active website. If this condition is not met, the .GA registry may delete your domain name.

.CHARITY domain names

.CHARITY domain names are intended for organisations, businesses, and individuals involved in philanthropy, humanitarian outreach, and benevolent care to those in need. It is ideally suited to helping registrants collect donation, fundraise, provide resources, information, and raise awareness of specific issues or needs.

.PAGE domain names

Like .APP, .PAGE domain names are HSTS supported. .PAGE domain registration is open to all but especially useful if you’re looking to set up a single page website, a landing page, or a new home for your online portfolio. Regardless of how you use it, your .PAGE domain name puts users’ safety first.

.ελ domain names

.ελ is actually the country code domain extension (ccTLD) for Greece, composed of letters of the Greek alphabet. .ελ domain name registration is open to anyone but will be of special interest to registrants of .GR domain names (.GR, also a ccTLD for Greece) who will now be able to register the same domain using a .ελ ccTLD. Improve your user experience by targeting visitors in their local language. A .ελ domain name will make it easier for users to find and remember you.

.קום domain names

.קום domain name extension in Hebrew script sounds like .COM when spoken aloud and translates as ‘rise’ in English. .קום domains will make it easier to connect with the world’s roughly 9 million Hebrew speakers A .קום domain name helps you build credibility, grow your customer base, and establish more intuitive online branding in your users’ own language.

.MUSEUM domain names

For museums, galleries, artists, collectors, non-profit organisers, or anyone associated with museum activity, there's .MUSEUM. .MUSEUM domain names are available to websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites. Whether your focus is on modern art or natural history, a keyword-rich .MUSEUM domain will help you attract attention and drive traffic.

.LUXE domain names

.LUXE, French for “luxury”, is perfect for any website that promotes the finest and the best, from cars to restaurants. For Ethereum users,.LUXE is an abbreviation for “lets u xchange easily”, offering a more user-friendly way to access the blockchain’s assets and services. Whether you're targeting the luxury market or Ethereum users, a .LUXE domain name is a great choice.

.BIBLE domain names

.BIBLE domain names provide churches, ministries, and non-profit organisations instant affiliation with religious teachings and communities. Religious leaders, scholars, and faith-based organisations now have their own namespace with which to practice, discuss, and share their beliefs. Users will be able to immediately identify who you are and what values you espouse.

.REALESTATE domain names

The .REALESTATE domain name space is prime online property for agencies, businesses, or anyone connected to the competitive world of online real estate. Residential, commercial, mixed-use, industrial properties - the real estate market has never been hotter and, with so much consumer choice available, you want to ensure that your online listings or services get seen. A .REALESTATE domain will help you stake your claim.

.SPORT domain names

.SPORT is a generic domain extension for sport teams, brands, clubs, event organisers, and memorabilia collectors. The .SPORT domain name space is a perfect online home for bloggers and recappers, writers and fans looking to share interviews, game play analysis, and player stats. Connecting with sports enthusiasts around the world has never been easier.

New TLD popularity: when number this big talk, we listen

Since their initial launch five years ago, new top-level domains (TLDs) have provided registrants with a wider variety of domain name choice. Now numbering in the hundreds, new TLDs have helped businesses improve their online branding and marketing, providing an alternative to the increasingly limited .COM domain name space.

And even though not every new TLD has gained a strong footing in the marketplace, recent registration numbers show that consumers are, indeed, finding new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) and country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) to be beneficial.

As of August 2018, 22,540,540 new gTLDs have been registered. The Alexa Top 1 million includes 22,209 sites on a gTLD and Namestat reports that weekly gTLD registrations are numbering in the thousands and, in some cases, tens of thousands. From digital marketers and trademark holders to bloggers and even some of our moms (hi mom!), new TLD options have cast a very wide net.

Of course, a top-level domain alone won't be enough to make an online business, website, or blog successful. You'll need great content, great service, and a great product for that to happen. But a short, snappy, and/or relevant domain name can certainly help put you on the map. We think these new TLDs can help.

800+ domain name extensions offered at EuroDNS!

If none of these new options work for you, take a look at our complete list of domain extensions, which include over 800 choices. From original top-level domains like .COM and .NET, to ccTLDs and, of course, a variety of new gTLDs, we offer something for everyone.

Remember, all domain name registrations at EuroDNS include a free professional email address, an Alpha SSL certificate, and our Classic DNS. And if you have any questions or need advice on selecting the right domain name, our sales team is here for you: +352 263 725 250 or

We'd be glad to help!

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