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The right generic top-level domain (gTLD) can be a powerful asset for your small business, an easy way to target users and influence how they perceive you. See how registering a domain name that calls attention to your location, niche, or affiliation with a specific community can help help you build consumer trust and loyalty.

Geographic domains put you on the map

Geographic domain names (or geodomains, for short) are specific to particular cities, countries, and continents. They can make it easier for users to find your products and services, and help local users establish an affinity for your small business. Geodomains offer numerous benefits:

  • Reflect your physical location
  • Demonstrate that you serve a local market and are part of a community
  • Establish a rapport with local users who will see that you speak their language, understand their needs, and can quickly provide a service or product
  • Establish your presence in multiple locations so you can target audiences in different territories

Whether you're local or not, your geographic domain will help you establish a local presence and connect with visitors seeking a shopping experience that is a bit more unique and personal. Customers will understand you are able to provide the kind of individualised and authentic experience that only a local small business can deliver.

From .MADRID to .NYC, .ASIA to .AFRICA, we offer a number of geographical domain extensions that will help put you on the map!

Domain names which highlight your expertise

To be successful, your business needs to communicate what you do, how you do it, and why you should be trusted more than anyone else. You need to demonstrate, right from the start, what value your business will deliver users. A well-chosen domain name which articulates your specific industry or niche can help you do this.

  • Reflect your small business's authority – you might be, for example, the go-to for all things .LUXURY or .PROPERTY related.
  • Help potential customers develop an intuitive understanding of your small business's purpose before they even visit your site. Be it .SHOES or .PHOTOGRAPHY, your domain name extension serves as a kind of promise, guaranteeing how your business is different and what users can expect when they click on your site.

No matter your niche or industry, you can secure a domain name that is the perfect fit for your business, a domain which enables potential customers to quickly identify you as a trusted resource.

Domain names which show your group affiliation

Some gTLDs are designed to help you target users associated with specific demographic or social groups. These options enable you to speak directly to the unique market you wish to cater to. Options like .LGBT or .EDUCATION make clear from the start that you understand the specific needs, wants, and concerns of a unique community. As such, you’re more likely to generate interest and trust from that community.

And keep in mind - even if there isn’t a dedicated domain extension for the community your business wishes to reach, other domains like .COMMUNITY, .GROUP and .CLUB are flexible enough that they can be used to target any consumer group or demographic.

Customers are increasingly savvy about which businesses do and do not have their best interests in mind. Show them that you understand them and they will pay attention to you. Respect them and there is a good chance they will hold you in high regard.

Find a winning domain that connects with your customers!

Take a look at our selection of over 800 domain extensions, many of which are now on sale. We're sure you'll find one that's just right for you!

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