E-commerce security tips for a safer holiday shopping season

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The holiday season is here which means it's show time for online retailers. You’ve likely spent the past several months preparing for this crucial period: planning promos, campaigns, ad channels. But have you taken all necessary steps to provide e-commerce security that keeps customers safe from hackers? Better double check!

Deliver a happier – and safer - holiday shopping season

This year, the number and size of cyber threats has only grown, with cyber criminals finding new ways to steal even larger amounts of personal data. (We're looking at you, WannaCry and Equifax).

It has never been more important that you keep your customers protected. While there are numerous ways to keep hackers at bay, we recommend starting with these 5 strategies:

1. Use SSL security

When transmitting confidential information - credit cards numbers, passwords, email addresses - you must encrypt communication between your site and browsers. To stop hackers from “cracking the code”, maintaining current encryption algorithms such as those enforced by Google Chrome is an absolute must. (See here for more on the various level of encryption security available through our SSL certificates.)

2. Carefully choose your host provider

Make sure your web hosting provider is as committed to site security as you are. With EuroDNS, for example, your site will be hosted on clustered servers in our tier IV data centres, providing the highest level of guarantee a data centre can provide. Automated data backups and regular monitoring will provide customers assurance that your e-commerce is safe and secure.

3. Require two-step verification

When accepting online payments with credit cards, make sure to use proper verification techniques to prevent fraudulent purchases. Implementing 2-step verification is one of the best ways to protect your customer’s transactions as it makes hacking your site more difficult. See for yourself how it works by opting into the two-step verification option available with your EuroDNS account.

4. Don’t ask customers to provide unnecessary information

Unfortunately, data breaches are a daily occurrence now. To be safe, only ask customers to provide information you must have and store it encrypted. With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect next year, now would be a good time to begin implementing required enforcements.

5. Display security certification logos on your site

Blow your own horn. Provide immediate and visible trust marks to customers so they can see that you are committed to creating a safer shopping environment. Displaying security certification logos helps to assure customers who are implementing credit card data on your site.


Site security, the one gift everyone wants this year

It’s important to remember that it may not be possible to completely eliminate vulnerabilities but there are numerous ways to make it more difficult for hackers to acquire information.

This is the season for giving but, for cybercriminals, it is also the season for taking. Let us help you. If you have questions about any of the e-commerce security options mentioned here, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're happy to talk.

Here's to a holiday shopping season that is merry and bright!

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