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Since launching in May 2009, the .INC domain ending has caught the attention of businesses around the world. Over 25% of Forbes ‘Most Valuable Brands’ have purchased .INC domains; including branding like Google.inc, Amazon.inc, and Visa.inc.

.INC domains for small and medium-sized businesses

The global reach of .INC has been noteworthy. Domains have been registered in over 40 countries and territories, with the top three markets being the United States, Japan, and United Kingdom. Although popularity in the US was expected, the latter two countries have come as a surprise, since incorporation is not a legally-recognized type of business formation in either one. Registrants in these regions have typically registered for one of three reasons:

1) they are international businesses with customers that do not differentiate between “Inc” and other types of business formation,

2) they have US subsidiaries that are incorporated, or

3) they are small businesses or individuals that want to appear more credible by using a .INC domain.

Improve digital presence

.INC domains are giving small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to improve their digital presence without compromise. Regardless of geography, there are three main reasons why most businesses are registering .INC domain names:

  • Improvements in SEO
  • International visibility
  • More affordable than the aftermarket

Register your .INC domain name!

Register your .INC domain name at EuroDNS and receive, free of charge, all of the following add-ons:

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