10 reasons why you need a .ONLINE domain for your business

Your business's domain name is a big part of your brand identity. Your website address is, after all, your first step towards building brand awareness with customers. .ONLINE domain registry, Radix, weighs in on why a .ONLINE domain name is an especially strong choice for making a solid impression with your brand.

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Guarantee brand awareness of your .ONLINE business

Every business needs online visibility!

To grow, to get new customers, to be featured in the media, to be noticed by investors or partners - brand visibility is at the heart of all business outcomes. This is why building a robust online presence is key to success - and not just for businesses. Even blogs and personal websites benefit from increased brand awareness.

Did you know that by choosing a .ONLINE domain name you can build a strong online brand identity for your business? Here are 10 reasons why you need a .ONLINE domain to take your branding to the next level:

.ONLINE domain names offer numerous benefits

1) Global

The English word “online” is understood very well even by non-English speaking audiences. This makes .ONLINE the perfect domain extension when you want your business to appeal globally. For example: www.wedo-test.online.

2) Meaningful

Here’s something fun to consider - many businesses, when looking for a domain name on .COM, often add the term “online” (for example, blueshadeonline.com when blueshade.com is not available). Why do you think they do that? It’s because the word “online” adds a layer of meaning to the name. The good news is that you can simply get a more brandable domain name by choosing a .ONLINE domain extension. And yes, blueshade.online is available right now!

3) Search engine friendly

The .ONLINE domain extension is treated on par with any other domain extension (such as .COM, .ORG, etc.) when it comes to organic search results. Your website’s content quality, credible backlinks, and mobile-friendly design will help you rank in organic search results while your domain name will help you build positive user perception of your brand. For example:www.trofeagrill.online.

4) Popular

Over 1 million .ONLINE domains have already been registered across the world. These 1 million domains are spread out across all kinds of industry verticals - from dance studios to furnishing, from fintech to manufacturing. This means that businesses are recognising the value that a .ONLINE domain can add to their brand identity. For example: www.cogentco.online.

5) Available

Here’s something interesting for you to try: think of the perfect name for your existing or future business or blog, and search for it on a .ONLINE domain. Chances are you will find the exact name you want. So, whether it’s buildingtech.online or racingcars.online or flowerpots.online, these domains are available (as of now, anyway!).

This means that you can not only get the domain you desire (no compromises!) but also be creative with your website’s branding.

6) Memorable

What does it take to make something memorable? The answer is to make it outstanding, something that catches the eye. Here’s a quick trick - what are you likely to remember more: www.swift.online or www.swiftonline.com?

The .ONLINE extension gives you an opportunity to say more in less words, establishing improved brand awareness. Saying more with less is one way to make sure users notice - and remember - who you are.

7) Versatile

Any business from any industry can find a suitable domain on .ONLINE. That’s how versatile this domain extension is. From marketing to consulting to manufacturing - there’s a perfect .ONLINE domain for businesses across every industry. For example: www.moneymakee.online.

8) Intuitive

The word “online” is an intuitive term that works as an obvious suffix in many online searches. Just by adding the term “online” to your business name, you build a connection between your business and your target market, which helps you to gain and retain customers in the long run. For example:www.kameleon.online.

9) Access to the Startup League

If you have a startup on an .ONLINE domain, you can get a boost in your brand visibility through the Startup League, a unique program for startups on select new domain extensions. Through this program, you can exhibit your startup at key trade shows and tech events with financial backing from the Startup League. As a result, you get massive brand visibility, not just on-ground at the event but also through social media and online marketing push.

10) On sale for a limited time at EuroDNS

For a limited period, you can get your .ONLINE domain at a discounted price through EuroDNS. This is a unique opportunity exclusively for you!

So don’t miss out on securing a great .ONLINE domain. Guarantee brand awareness by registering your .ONLINE domain name today!

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Started in 2012, Radix Registry is one of the world's leading nTLD portfolio registries. Radix is part of the Directi Group, which is currently valued at $1.4 billion. Through several years of active bidding, Radix has won the global and exclusive rights to 9 new internet domain extensions that include .ONLINE, .STORE, .TECH, .WEBSITE, .SPACE, .PRESS, .SITE, .HOST, and .FUN, as well as the re-purposed ccTLD, .PW.

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