EuroDNS chats with DotClub, definitely not in competition with .COM

by Meg - 06.05.2014

Way back in 2011 the DotClub registry discussed the four principles of a successful TLD: short, memorable, meaningful, and perhaps most important – not in competition with .COM. Here I'm chatting with Colin Campbell, DotClub CEO, about something big, hairy and audacious! You'll have to read to find out what...

What are the benefits of pre-ordering a domain name?

by Meg - 02.05.2014

To get your perfect domain name, DUH!!! Pre-ordering a domain name is like queuing to see your favourite band, it’s no guarantee but it gives you a fighting chance of being at the front - MOSH PIT!!! There are some rocking new domains, pre-order now or you'll be stuck at the back near the toilets.

4 essential tips for protecting your brand protection online

by Meg - 30.04.2014

Every week new gTLDs are being released. They have two launch phases before general release when they become available to everyone on a first come, first served basis. Jargon, mumbo jumbo, gobbledegook! Basically, if you’re a brand owner you have to protect your name. If you don't, others can grab it and do untold damage. Take a look at four essential tips for protecting your brand online...

How to hack and create quirky, memorable domain names

by Meg - 26.03.2014

Domain hacks are domain names that use extensions such as .US and .ES to create a word, phrase or brand. Some well known examples you may have seen are,,, and Fun, quirky and memorable – but are they for you?

Please help me, I just received a trademark claims notice...

by Meg - 21.03.2014

A trademark claims notice is a warning sent to you if the domain name you're trying to register matches a trademark registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse. Trademark infringement is scary stuff, but if you receive a trademark claims notice it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get the name you want, or worse - a pack of hungry lawyers at your door (Sorry Luc). In many cases the rights being claimed are concerning a trademark limited to a particular industry or product, or to a certain jurisdiction. Let me explain...