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Imagine yourself trying to sell a house with an overgrown garden, cracked driveway, and a broken front door. No buyers, right? The same thing might happen while improving your website, so in case if you still rack your brains about how to improve the website, we have already prepared 5 brilliant ideas for you. Check these WordPress home page examples and get inspired!

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As the most widely used content management system in the world, WordPress is being used by many of the world’s top websites to grow traffic and engagement. In this post, we'll share 5 of the most brilliant WordPress home page examples that can be a source of inspiration.

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1) Cozy Minimalism — Century 21

Century 21

Cozy minimalism is the core idea of this webpage. It is supplemented by the united palette of colors, which has a luxurious design and thus catches everyone’s eye. The minimalistic look of the logo naturally fits into the website concept.

2) Thematic Layout of the Fall Season — HarperCollins Publishers


Have a look at the aesthetic design of the HarperCollins home page. At the first glance you have noticed the thematic layout of the fall season, haven’t you? The combination of the golden yellow and deep green colors as well as small leaves below the book collection list remind you about the peaceful time of the year — the autumn season. By changing the design of your page you will always attract the interest of your visitors that would have a positive influence on the conversion.

3) Focus on the Product — Protest


The sportswear brand from the Netherlands has an easy-to-use website and memorable logo. The main page includes the product introduction according to the proper season. Thanks to the individual product pages and beautiful design of them it is widely used as an official online store. Only the product, anything else is left behind. Such a home page would effectively convert visitors into paying customers.

4) Appealing to Human Senses — L’Oursin


L’Oursin, a gorgeous Seattle restaurant, totally nails the homepage design here. The photographs of food immediately tickle visitors’ taste buds, yellow color and great food photos boost your appetite. The well-planned location of the buttons on the top makes it clear and comfortable to use, which allows attracting more visitors.

5) Representing the Website’s Main Idea — Nove


Sometimes the design and photos added to the homepage can represent the core idea of your website instead of any words. That’s the great advantage used in the Nove homepage, the website has a unique design with a fullscreen video background, transparent menus, and custom page templates for different sections.

Tips on Creating Your Home Page

As you can see, every webpage has its unique features to impress visitors. All you have to do for making it special is to add a little spice to your concept:

  • You should design a free logo, which will make your web page instantly recognizable for the audience as soon as they visit the homepage.
  • You can also plan the special season themes as well as holiday offers.
  • Pay attention to the details, choose the core theme and base colors for the finest aesthetic contact with your audience.
  • Make sure that the webpage contains the menu bar and the location of the tab buttons is comfortable for using, which is one of the key items visitors always pay attention to.
  • Go to the other sites' homepage as a visitor, and find the things you would prefer to change for the better. Then, turn back to your website and apply these changes as you wish. Remember, it all starts with small.
  • Always check your website using website audit tools like SE Ranking to make sure there are no errors.

By testing various ideas for your home page, you would find the one that shows the best conversion rates. So don’t be afraid to change button location, photos, content, and other elements in order to find the best possible variation.


Having been inspired by these homepages, are you now ready to create the unique design of your website? Our team hopes that this tiny list of changes has already become a piece of motivation for your successful start. All you need for making the homepage of your website unique is to put some of yourself, and thus it will definitely become the one you would go on visiting again and again.

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