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The .CFD domain extension offers clothing brands and fashion designers the opportunity to register brandable names with a relevant domain extension. We're telling you everything about this new domain extension.

When you're in the initial stage of starting a fashion or clothing brand, you come across many strategies and ideas that can boost your brand's online presence. One such strategy would be choosing a perfect domain name. Now, if you're wondering whether a domain name can have an impact on your brand's overall personality, the answer is yes, it can.

Before choosing a domain name for your clothing and fashion business, it is important to consider name options that will add value to your overall brand-building endeavors. Your domain name becomes an identity of your brand and helps it grow. The right domain name will help your business transform into a formidable brand, and therefore, it is essential to pick the right name.

Today, the fashion and clothing industry is booming, and the sheer number of clothing and fashion design websites makes choosing a catchy and brandable name a challenge. What your fashion brand needs is a domain name with a touch of creativity to make a strong statement that will make your clothing and fashion brand stand out from the crowd.

This is where the .CFD domain extension makes for a great choice.

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What Is .CFD?

.CFD is a brand new domain extension specially tailored for the clothing and fashion design industry. The .CFD domain extension is perfect for new-age clothing and apparel businesses, creative fashion designers, forward-thinking fashion bloggers and influencers, fashion brands, and growing cosmetics and footwear companies looking to reshape the world of fashion.

The fashion community loves .CFD! Several fashion thought leaders like Kentaro Kameyama (winner of season 16 of Project Runway), Hofit Golan (TV host and fashion model) and Caroline Vazzana (a leading fashion editor and stylist) are advocates of .CFD!

How To Choose A Great Domain Name With .CFD?

Finding a name with the .CFD domain extension is a creative process, given the sheer availability of meaningful and relevant names. Another benefit of choosing a name with .CFD is that it is agnostic of geography and language, making it a remarkably brandable choice.

If you are planning to register a chic domain name for your stylish fashion brand with .CFD, the following tips will help you do just that.

1. Keep It Simple, Short, And Smart

To build a memorable fashion and clothing brand, you need a name that is simple, short, and smart. Choose a name that gets etched into the minds of your audience. Ideally, a catchy name that describes your brand effortlessly makes for a great choice.

Choosing a name that is hard to pronounce, misspelled or with special characters and numbers can work against your marketing strategy. For instance, complicated domain names are not only harder to type and remember but they will fail to rank higher for voice search results too.

Being an all-new domain extension, you can easily find the name of your choice on .CFD. For instance, if your clothing brand is called The Dapper Look, you can simply get, as the domain name for your brand. It is quirky, short, and easier to remember than something

2. Use the same name as your brand

If you have already decided on your brand name and are confident about it, there is no need to change it or tweak it for something that changes its meaning. With .CFD, you can find your trademarks and name ideas without any difficulty.

For instance, if your designer store is called Style Stories, you can as your domain name. There is absolutely no need to add special characters or numbers that make your name lose its essence.

3. Pass the radio test

If you want to ace the game of having the perfect domain name you need to pass the radio test seamlessly. The radio test can help figure out whether your brand's domain name strikes the attention of your target audience and whether they can remember it.

Let us consider that you are doing an Instagram or Facebook Live or having a press conference and you mention your website’s address. Can people remember and spell your domain name just by hearing it once? If yes, your domain name is a winner. To make sure your audience remembers the website name, you need a name as opposed to

4. Explore Name Ideas With Online Tools

If you are looking for inspiration for your brand name, you can try various tools available online. These tools help you come up with a smart brand name and help you narrow down your choices.

Below are three such online tools that can help you find the perfect name for your brand.

Visual Thesaurus offers a visual web of words around dedicated seed keywords.

Name Mesh generates a name based on specific keywords.

Naminum Finds a name based on a particular theme.

The tools mentioned above will help you search for creative names for your clothing and fashion brand.

5. Verify All Trademarks And Copyrights

Nobody wants to get into legal trouble when they've just launched their brand. Therefore, it is crucial to cross-check that your domain name does not violate any trademarks or copyrights.

Apart from this, trademarking your products secures your brand. This means nobody can sell their products/services under your brand name.

Double-check your domain name to ensure that it doesn’t match with any other brands trademarks and copyrights. Doing this will ensure that you do not end up in a conflict with other parties.


With .CFD, building a clothing and fashion design brand is quite a simple and hassle-free task. All you have to do now is to register a creative, unique brandable name and start ruling in the world of fashion and clothing!

The .CFD domain extension launches on April 13th, 2021.

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