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High on design? Smart about art? Two art and design-related domain extensions, .ART and .DESIGN, are ideal for driving more visitors to your business site, blog, or personal online portfolio. Finally, you can register a domain name as unique as you are!

.DESIGN for a domain name that has both form and function

The world of design embodies a diverse array of industries, from fashion and interiors to graphic and web, and extends to online studios, stores, and personal portfolios. With so many potential applications, it’s no wonder that small businesses and individuals alike are profiting from registering a .DESIGN domain name.

David Shove-Brow of design firm 3877, says that .DESIGN “speaks more directly to who we are and what we do. .COM, .NET, etc. are too generic. We don’t need to be in the same mix as lawyers, accountants, and other businesses. We want to go after a more direct audience.”

And when digital designer Michale Simkovic heard about .DESIGN, he purchased MusHo.design for his personal portfolio, and redirected all of his other domains to it: “It's a great match with my profession. Compared to .com it's longer, but more human.”

.DESIGN comes from the Top Level Design registry, whose domain portfolio includes popular .INK and .WIKI, and is used by numerous globally-recognised brands including Facebook, Airbnb, and Uber.

.ART for a domain name that will help you draw a crowd

.ART has been specifically created for the international art world. It enables both individuals and institutions to identify themselves with the arts community.

Registrants include online galleries like youandwhosearmy.art, artists and photographers like Frédéric Nadeau, and museums like the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow.

And globally recognised brand names have helped popularise the .ART domain extension. Global giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google have purchased .ART domain names as part of their brand protection strategy.

.ART is available through the registry UK Creative Ideas Ltd. (UKCI), dedicated to responsibly advancing the art world through technology.

Register a domain name that inspires!

Your .DESIGN and .ART domain name registrations include a host of free features:

So what are you waiting for? These domain extensions will make your online presence the masterpiece everyone's talking about! Register your .DESIGN and .ART domains today or check out other creative domain extensions!

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