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Donuts recent acquisition of Rightside is good news for customers who have previously had to purchase separate Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) products from each registry. Now, customers only need to purchase one DPML product. Trademark protection just became a whole lot easier.

Donuts DPML programme now includes 40 additional TLDs

On July 31st, Donuts acquired Rightside which means Donut's DPML and DPML Plus products can now be used to block all 40 previously-owned Rightside top-level domains, a diverse list which includes LAWYER, .MARKET, and .SOCIAL.

Customers who have purchased Rightside's DPML will be able to continue using it. Donut’s has announced that Rightside’s DPML program will “remain intact at this time, and will include the same subset of TLDs [customers] originally purchased.”

Of course, Rightside's DPML customers also have the option to purchase one of Donuts’ DPML products at the registry’s current subscription rates.

Regardless of which product customer are using at this time, they will see neither additional fees nor changes to their existing DPML subscription. The only difference is that all new DPML orders will be managed by Donuts as Rightside is no longer accepting new orders.

How Donuts' DPML options work

Donuts offers two products, it’s standard DPML in addition to its newer DPML Plus product which came onto the market last year. Regardless of which DPML product you choose, keep in mind that:

  • DPML can only be applied to strings matching the strings in the TMCH.
  • Your registered TMCH trademarks must remain current. DPML protection will end once your TMCH registration expires.
  • DPML will not block a domain that is already registered. And once the registration expires, the DPML block will automatically be reinforced so as to prevent the name from being registered by the public.
  • In rare occasions, DPML blocking is not applicable. For instance, it is not applicable to domains which have been classified as premium.
  • The WHOIS directory will show you if a DPML block already exists for a specific domain and, if one has been applied, only trademark owners with a matching trademark can unblock it. So, for instance, if COOLCOMPANY A in Spain and COOLCOMPANY B in France have matching trademarks, one can unblock the other’s individual domain.

Donuts newer DPML Plus - previously offered for just a limited time but now a permanent option - provides trademark owners numerous additional benefits above and beyond those which come with the standard DPML.

Protect your trademark with DPML or DPML Plus!

If you have any additional questions about Donuts acquisition of Rightside, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

And remember: your brand name is one of your most important assets. Protecting your business identity must be a top priority to ensure that it is not subject to abuses which could undermine your online reputation.

Protect your trademark and related terms with DPML or DPML Plus, both available through EuroDNS. And, if you aren’t sure which option is the best for you, we’ll be more than happy to help you select the right product to easily and effectively keep your online brand presence safe.

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