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We previously reported that Donuts was offering for a limited time only DPML Plus, a supercharged upgrade of its existing Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) service. The deadline to purchase DPML Plus was originally set for December 31st but the registry has just announced that it will extend the availability of its Plus service! 

by Daniel - 02.01.2017

DPML Plus still available! 

Back in October, Donuts announced the launch of a three-month long promotion for DPML Plus, providing additional resources for trademark owners. But, in the final days of 2016, the registry reported that it would be extending availability of the service!

Now trademark owners will have additional time to purchase DPML Plus. Citing strong demand for the service, Donuts has announced that it will offer the upgraded Plus service until May 31st. This is good news for anyone who wasn’t able to take advantage of the initial offer. And, just to remind you why you should consider taking advantage of DPML Plus, here’s an overview of its impressive features. 

DPML Plus for enhanced protection 

DPML Plus, an upgraded version of Donut’s standard (DPML) service, provides numerous benefits to trademark owners: 

  • A ten-year block term as opposed to the five-year term which comes with the standard DMPL service 
  • The ability to submit unlimited and free overrides for the ten-year term in addition to blocking overrides performed by other TMCH holders of identical terms
  • Extended protection for all gTLDs including “premiums”, an option not available through the existing DPML service
  • Variant-blocking, another feature not available with standard DPML. DPML Plus allows exact- match mark blocking plus three additional strings. For example, coolwebsite (the exact match), coolwebsiteboutique and coolwebsitebuilders (2 variations containing the trademarked terms, and colwebsite (a misspelling of the trademarked terms). 
  • Ability to block up to three more strings at an additional cost

As with the existing DMPL service, DPML Plus works in conjunction with Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and allows trademark owners to block their trademark from being registered across all Donuts gTLDs, an extensive list which includes .BUSINESS, .FINANCE, and .LEGAL among other popular choices. 

Price increase for standard DPML 

If you have already purchased standard DPML protection but would like to convert to DMPL Plus, EuroDNS can help you do so at any time. Your ten-year term will begin with your date of purchase. You will be able to add your additional strings at time of purchase.

However, if you choose not to upgrade your existing DPML protection, there is still an important change coming to the standard DPML option that you should be aware of.

Donuts previously reported that the cost of its standard service would increase, nearly doubling the price, at the beginning of the New Year. But the registry has just announced that it will extend current pricing for its legacy DPML product until May 31st. 

More good news from Donuts! Trademark owners who currently employ DPML – or those who are considering using it for the first time – now have an additional month to renew or purchase the service before the price increase kicks in. 

Protect your trademark with DPML or DPML Plus!

Your brand name is one of your most important assets. And protecting your business identity must be a top priority to ensure that it is not subject to abuses which could undermine your online reputation.

Defend your trademark from infringement. Contact EuroDNS today to take advantage of these extended DPML and DPML Plus offers!  

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