Manage your account better with our new activity log feature!

EuroDNS strives to make your user experience as efficient and secure as possible. To this end, we’ve just added a feature to help you gain more control of your account. Our new activity log enables you to access a chronological record of all actions taken on your account, providing you with a clear overview of who has accessed it and why.  

by Daniel - 16.01.2017

How the activity log will benefit you  

The activity log will allow you to see who has accessed your account and what actions a person has performed during a given period. Every activity is documented, so you will always have at your disposal a clear trail of actions. 

The detailed activity log will improve your ability to:

• View each user’s name, IP address, timestamp, and OS and browser information

• Isolate and locate a specific user’s actions   

• Limit the threat of security breaches 

• Review your own actions 

In other words, the activity log will become one of your most important account management tools. It will enable you to increase the security of your account in an efficient and reliable way. 

How the activity log works

When you visit the activity log, which can be accessed from your EuroDNS account page, you will have the option to see and scroll through every action that has been taken, or you can specify that you would like to see just those actions taken during a specific time frame: last hour, last month, last 90 days. 

Just click on one of the actions listed to view a full report of activities related to that action. You will be provided a detailed overview.

The overview is divided into two sections. The first section, “user information”, shows you who performed an action, and when and where the action was performed. The second section, “activity”, provides a brief summary of what action was taken.


Start using your activity log today! 

The activity log is an indispensable tool for all of our customers, whether you have enabled shared access or not. Currently available to all at no additional cost, our activity log will give you more control of your account, enabling you to better monitor activity and ensure account security. 

Get started today! And, as always, if you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We’re happy to help. 

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