Domain name ideas to improve your online branding efforts

Domain name extensions like .SITE and .STORE are more than just a way to create an address for your website. They've been designed to give your online branding efforts a boost. See why .SITE and .STORE in particular have become go-tos for SMBs and e-commerce sites looking to improve their online branding.

by Daniel - 12.11.2018

New domain name extensions offer multiple benefits

New gTLDs (generic top-level domains) like .SITE and .STORE provide registrants numerous advantages. A few key benefits include:


Domain extensions like .SITE and .STORE are new, increasing your chances of being able to register a domain with a keyword or phrase that best suits your needs. Legacy extensions (like .COM) provide far fewer domain name options – that is, unless you’re willing to compromise on your domain name which, from an online branding perspective, can be a risky move to be sure.


.SITE and .STORE are memorable. Short, simple domain extension like these place the emphasis on your brand name or keyword for higher brand recall. Imagine the possibilities: “yourbrand.STORE”, “yourproduct.STORE”, "yourservice.SITE". Higher brand recall is an important way to improve your search engine (SEO) ranking.


Your domain name will influence how customers perceive you. A domain name on a .STORE extension, for example, unambiguously announces who you are and what you offer. .STORE is a sign post: "We are the online shopping destination for what you need." Users will know exactly what they will find before they even click on your site.


Creating a microsite for your next marketing campaign? A dedicated domain name will give your online branding efforts more polish and impact. Got a big promotion coming up? Advertise your sale at .STORE. Your business is expanding its products or services? Highlight new offerings at .SITE.


For a limited time, EuroDNS is running promotions on .SITE and .STORE for both our own customers as well as our domain name resellers. Keep reading for more information.

.SITE and .STORE domains by the numbers

.SITE and .STORE are well-known gTLDs (generic top-level domains). According to Namestat, which provides up-to-date information on new gTLDs:

  • .SITE is the 7th biggest selling gTLD
  • .SITE is the the 2nd fastest growing gTLD
  • .STORE is the 23rd biggest selling gTLD
  • .STORE is the 13th fastest growing gTLD

And DomainTools provides information on the number of domains registered under .SITE and .STORE extensions:

  • .SITE: 609,013 domain names
  • .STORE: 203,418 domain name

Open to registration by anyone, these new extensions provide registrants with more flexibility and creativity when choosing a domain name. .STORE and .SITE are a smart choice if you're looking to improve your online brand marketing.

Boost your online branding with .SITE and .STORE - on sale now!

.SITE domain names and .STORE domain names are on sale for a limited time to EuroDNS customers. Head over to our homepage for pricing information. And don't forget: when you register your .SITE or .STORE domain name with EuroDNS, you will receive free of charge:

And EuroDNS resellers, through year's end, we are also making .SITE and .STORE available to you at a reduced promotional price. Contact your account manager at +352 263 725 250 or to get set up and start promoting .SITE and .STORE to your customers.

Set your sights on .SITE, create the perfect online shopping destination with .STORE! Register your .SITE domain name or .STORE domain name today!

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