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The control panel is one of your web hosting plan’s most important features. It's what you use to administer your website. Plesk's is one of the most highly-regarded hosting control panels as it offers users loads of easy, practical resources. Easy web hosting that also delivers innovative solutions? See for yourself!

Easy web hosting control panel delivers big results

Whether you need simple web hosting for your blog or small business web hosting with full functionality, your going to love the Plesk control panel included with our hosting plans.

1. Clear interface

Point-and-click control panel lets you perform administration tasks with ease. Manage websites, domains, and subscriptions all from an intuitive interface.

2. Customisable

Every feature is grouped together, so you don’t have to waste time looking through Plesk’s massive number of options. Quickly find and add the features you want, and customise your control panel. Plesk is not only robust but also designed to maximise efficiency.

3. Set-up

Don’t worry about setting up your control panel. It’s just “Next”, “Next”, “Next” with Plesk. Following Plesk’s step-by-step, single-click process will get you up and going in no time. And a single password for end users and server administrators makes set-up all the easier.

4. Flexibility

Plesk is compatible with various Linux distributions. And you can administer up to 10 websites along with an unlimited number of domains and subdomains (depending on your web hosting plan) – all from this one control panel. Plesk even offers a mobile app for iOS and Android, so you can access the control panel from your mobile device.

5. Extensions

Enhance all aspects of your operations. WordPress CMS, Joomla website development, SEO Toolkit, Node.Js, Docker, Git integration – if you need something, Plesk has an extension for it. Over 100 of them, with more being added all the time! Increase your site’s functionality and innovation straight from the control panel.

6. Reliability

Plesk’s testing and certification process is intense. It includes security checks, code analytics, and UX checks. Plesk does everything to ensure the highest quality and reliability of its add-ons.

7. Website builder

SitePad website builder is fully integrated into the control panel. Provide your domain name and we’ll automatically configure your DNS settings for you. You just need to drag and drop elements into place, and point and click to edit in real time. No shortage of themes or widgets allow you to create the perfect site for your blog, personal project, or small business website. SitePad is an easy website builder anyone can use.

8. Knowledge base

How do you install the WordPress Toolkit? How do you add a database or mail account? What’s the best way to manage your DNS records? Even easy web hosting can get a little confusing every now and then. But no worries. Plesk’s support site offers clear answers to every technical question you might have. Of course, you can always count on EuroDNS’s support team if you prefer to speak with someone instead.

9. Database options and management

MySQL, Git, FTP, the latest version of PHP with memory limit of up to 256 MB, again depending on your hosting plan. All major databases are supported - backups, restores, import/export functions. Disk and traffic usage data are automatically calculated daily with an option for manual calculation.

10. Development environment

Plesk's WordPress ToolKit provides access to a testing environment so you can test new features and ideas in a sandbox before production. Set up a staging environment to replicate your production environment and see how your final product will appear before it goes live.

11. Automatic backups

As your hosting provider, EuroDNS will provide regular backups. But Plesk’s backup management tool provides various options for self-managing backups according to your specific needs. Instantly backup domain configuration, data, and/or email, schedule backups based on your own predetermined time, and restore backups without breaking a sweat.

12. Security

SSL support, DDoS mitigation (levels 3 and 4), intrusion prevention, Firewall, security advisor. Plesk provides rock solid security without any complicated configurations. You’re just a click away from every security pre-set you could need. And our secure hosting servers are located in Europe which means better data protection for our European customers.

Web hosting that gives you total control!

Dev pros love the functionality of Plesk's control panel. But not to worry if you’ve had little or no experience with control panels and server administration - Plesk is also for you. It gives you everything you need in a streamlined manner, making it a friendly option even if you're new to web hosting.

So, ready to get your website up and live today with an easy web hosting control panel?

To get started, decide which plan is best for you - Core Shared or Advanced web hosting. For specific details about each plan, take a look at our web hosting comparison chart. And feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our plans. Our Sales team can be reached at +352 263 725 250 or sales@eurodns.com, and would be happy to assist.

Good luck and let us know how we can help!

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