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Why settle for an email that's just “good enough”? First-time visitors to your online business, store, or blog are looking for signs that they can trust you. But an email address which doesn’t end with your domain will likely call into question your credibility and professionalism. Make the right first impression with our new email solutions.

But it’s just an email address, right? Wrong.

A Yahoo or Hotmail address simply won’t convey the level of trust and credibility your visitors are looking for.

These days, most businesses and blogs use an email address with a carefully considered domain name as this is an important step towards establishing a strong brand identity.

And there's no question that a carefully selected domain enables you to build a positive brand image. Your domain helps you to convey experience and expertise, and – importantly – prevents you from looking lazy or even suspicious.

Authenticating your business or blog with a custom email account is one of the smartest and easiest ways for you to make the right first impression.

Freemail is no substitute for a domain-specific email address


Besides ensuring your credibility, a custom email set up at your domain offers several other important advantages over a freemail address:


The right name is often hard to come by when you use a freemail company’s services, forcing you to come up with an arbitrary combination of letters, numbers, and special characters - - which can be both harder to remember and more easily misspelled.


Freemail domain users are forced to change their email if the provider changes. Having your own domain-specific email, however, leaves you free to move your domain to a different provider only if you need to.

Ad free

Freemail accounts are usually sponsored by advertising which means, like it or not, you are forced to promote that advertising. But there are no advertisements attached to your email account when you pay for your own domain so you won't be spamming customers.


Personal email accounts are less of a target for phishing and hacking as cybercriminals look for accounts which can produce a much larger hit rate, ensuring their malware has as big an impact as possible.

Individualised email packages with built-in productivity solutions


In addition to helping you establish the right image, our new email packages also come with numerous practical features, from task management tools to built-in anti-virus protection, so you can be more productive and responsive. We understand that all of our customers' needs are different, so each new package offers unique features to meet your specific needs.

Basic email package

Our Basic package – which comes free with all domain names registered at EuroDNS – includes the following features:

  • 5GB mail & 5GB cloud storage
  • A clean portal interface, providing a clear overview of all your online interactions
  • Intuitive calendar and tasks tool for scheduling individual and group appointments and deadlines
  • A single address book for all of your personal and professional contacts
  • Drive and client apps to help you manage communication, facilitate collaboration, and ensure smooth workflows
  • Sync App for Android 4.0 and up to keep appointments, contacts, and tasks synced at all times, whether you're working on a PC or your device
  • Catch all and unlimited aliases so all mail to any address associated with your domain is filtered into a single account

Our Basic package starts from as low as €1.39 a month.

Advanced email package

Our Advanced package includes everything from the Basic package plus:

  • 10GB mail & 10GB cloud storage
  • ActiveSync for effortless mobile data synchronisation

Our Advanced package starts from as low as €2.74 a month.

Professional email package

Our Professional package includes all of the above, in addition to:

  • 25GB mail & 25GB cloud storage
  • OX Documents , a powerful productivity suite which includes presentation, word processing, and spreadsheet tools

Our Professional package starts from as low as €4.57 a month.

The right email package is an essential part of your success


Your email address may seem like a small, even inconsequential, detail. However, it is a vitally important component of your larger brand communications efforts.

Whether you are running an online business or a blog, you need an email solution that not only reinforces who you are but also provides you with greater functionality. Our packages are the one tool that allows you to do both.

Setting up your email account is quick and easy.

And, of course, if you have questions about any of our packages, or need assistance selecting the best one for your needs, let us know . We’ll be more than happy to help!

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