Why .TECH became a go-to domain extension for tech world

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Startups, developers, and bloggers have all gone tech - .TECH that is! The .TECH domain extension, signalling a cutting edge brand persona associated with the tech industry, competes with .COM as a domain of choice for entities with a passion for tech. Here's why it has become a defining extension for the global tech community.

.TECH, an innovative domain for innovative thinkers

New generic top-level domains (TLDs) provide businesses, organisations, or members associated with a specific niche the opportunity to clearly announce their presence within that niche. Nowhere is this truer than with the .TECH extension.

A .TECH domain not only defines your place within and passion for the tech world but also ensures:

  • Consistent branding of your website’s .TECH URL, your professional .TECH email address, and social media URLs
  • Your business or organisation is recognised as forward-thinking
  • Your web address is memorable, highlighting the tech-related training, services, products, or information that you provide

For all of these reasons, a .TECH domain name has become a key investment for anyone wanting to announce loud and clear their digital presence. In fact, .TECH has proven so vital that it is now the go-to domain for a vast online community which includes:

  • Tech and gaming companies, start-ups, and enthusiasts
  • Web developers, system administrators, and information security analysts
  • Bloggers, news forums, and online publications
  • Tech education and training websites

And with an estimated 1.35+ million tech start-ups, 18+ million software developers, and billions of gamers around the world, .TECH’s continued popularity seems certain.

The .TECH revolution is here!

.TECH domain names are all over the Internet these days. According to Radix, the registry behind .TECH:

  • 338,490 .TECH domain names have been registered
  • Registrations have come from 100+ countries
  • .TECH has been adopted by numerous industries including entertainment media and web engineering, as well as tech-centric think tank groups and conference organisers

Among its key features, .TECH:

  • Improves your chances of finding an exact match domain name. In fact, Radix has found that 65% of people are unable to find the .COM domain name they are looking for.
  • Makes it easier to establish your product name. Again, according to Radix, 32% of people have found it necessary to rename their product due to domain unavailability.
  • Provides a unique opportunity to register a name that is sticky, relatable, and promotes user engagement. Radix reports that 32% feel their current domain name does not achieve these goals.

Ultimately, .TECH is more than just an domain extension. It is way to define who you are, what you do, and why you are different. It announces your site as a unique destination for innovation, the number one go-to for your area of tech-expertise or involvement.

Show your passion for tech!

.TECH is on sale now for €5.50 (price is for first year of registration and excludes premium domains)

Register your .TECH domain name and receive free of charge the following features:

.TECH, the perfect domain for the tech world!

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