.GLOBAL domain registration enhances global competitiveness

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With more and more companies eating up huge slices of the global online market, securing your own presence within today's Internet arena has never been more necessary. To ensure your business comes out a winner, a .GLOBAL domain name is just what you need to gain a competitive advantage.

Your competition is globally-minded. Are you?

Leading brands from all over the world and a wide array of industries understand this and, as such, have registered a .GLOBAL domain name as a way to rise above the waves of the ever-expanding global market, helping it to become a top 20 new generic top-level domain.

And even smaller players, everyone from social activists to online education organisations, have demonstrated that .GLOBAL is a particularly powerful domain, providing them with a megaphone with which to announce their presence and connect with audiences around the world.

How to carve out an online space of your own

Today’s increasingly competitive and interconnected online world has contributed to .GLOBAL’s steady registration growth:

  • 27,000 domain registrations
  • Annual renewal rate of 68%
  • 5th among new domain extensions when it comes to total sales of premium domains

Since its 2014 launch, .GLOBAL’s benefits have been repeatedly demonstrated by businesses and organisations of all types:

International presence

  • Show customers that your presence is truly global
  • Generate a multinational audience by signalling to customers that your products and services are available anywhere
  • Enables start-ups to prepare for tomorrow by announcing their global vision, their aspirations to grow into a world-wide brand

Clearly defined domain name

  • A good alternative to .COM, increasingly difficult to come by
  • Registering a domain that makes it easier to create a keyword-rich web address to help you improve your SEO strategy
  • Appropriate for businesses or organisations from any industry in which having a global presence provides a competitive advantage

Today's market is all about survival of the fittest

The competitive world of the global online market is a staunch reality, one no business or organisation – big or small – can afford to overlook. And since registration is open to anyone, .GLOBAL is making it a little easier for you to get a leg up on your competition.

.GLOBAL, managed by the Dot GLOBAL Domain Registry, is available through EuroDNS. And, as with every domain name registered with us, your .GLOBAL domain includes important, free features to help you become even more competitive:

Competing in today’s global market requires making smart choices. Don’t get squeezed out. Register your .GLOBAL domain today!

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