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The Internet is about to change radically with the introduction of over 1000 new domain extensions. While it's probably good news for customers, and will create more choice and increased competition in the domain market. It's undeniably good news for domain registries and internet super-brands, giving them a one-off opportunity to capture the next .COM.

The big gamble

To give an idea of just how lucrative it could be, consider this: a certain popular domain extension has around 100 million domain names in existence, and for each one the registry collects around $8 per year. Multiply this up and the registry is collecting a whopping $800m each year.

Understandably, this kind of money has created intense competition, as the Internet's big guns compete to capture the best new extensions. Applying to administer a new domain extension is a big investment and a big gamble, with each application costing $185,000 in ICANN fees alone.

The big guns

Take a look at the chart below for a summary of the biggest plays for new gTLDs from the industries biggest players.


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