.SE ccTLD for Sweden: updated terms and conditions (2019)

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Some changes are coming to .SE, ccTLD for Sweden. .SE domain name registry, IIS, is updating its Terms and Conditions. All updates go into effect in February and apply to all .SE domain name registrants. Note: The following is strictly for informational purposes. If you are a .SE domain holder, no action is required at this time.

Updates to .SE Terms and Conditions

Current Terms and Conditions are valid until February 5th, 2019. Revised Terms and Conditions will go into effect on February 6th and apply to all .SE domain name holders irrespective of when they registered their .SE domain.

All current and updated Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Specifically, updates have been made to section 5.3 and section 8:

Section 5.3: Registrar's termination of the agreement with the Domain Holder

Section 8: Procedures when an agreement ceases

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact our Customer Support department. A member of our Support team would be glad to assist.

.SE domain name registration with EuroDNS

.SE, country code domain for Sweden, is highly recognisable with Swede Internet users, who expect to see .SE domain names.

If you or your business is connected to Sweden, .SE is a must. Register your .SE domain name at EuroDNS and receive at no additional cost a free Alpha SSL certificate, Classic DNS, and professional email.

Have questions? Let us know! Our Sales Department can be reached at +352 263 725 250 or sales@eurodns.com and would be happy to help you get set up.

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