2019's new gTLDs: monstrously great domains coming for you!

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Don't lurk in the Internet's shadows when you can scare up loads of traffic with 2019's new generic top-level domains (gTLDs)! Register a great domain name and unleash your .MONSTER, cause a .BABY boom, or .DEVelop your online presence! Our latest domain choices provide online .HOMES to all kinds of websites and blogs.

New gTLDs that will make you .OOOh and ahh

.DEV domain names

.DEV domain names for developers, startups, or anyone associated with the tech world. Showcase your web, game, or software development skills with .DEV. .DEV, along with .PAGE and .APP domain name extensions, is one of the new gTLDs pre-inscribed in the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) preload list, which means all .DEV domains will automatically enforce HTTPS-secured connections. (More information about .DEV domain names on our blog.)

  • Now in general availability

.OOO domain names

.OOO domain names, what could be easier to remember or type on a keyboard or touchscreen? .OOO emphasises your brand name, product, or service (brand/product/service + .OOO), is globally recognised, and can be registered by anyone anywhere. SOOO what are waiting for? Get t.OOO it with your .OOO domain registration!

  • Now in general availability

.HOMES domain names

.HOMES is where the heart is. Your .HOMES domain name puts out the welcome mat for Internet users searching for real estate, interior design, or home improvement services. House builders, repairers, flippers, cleaners, and anyone else associated with homes and living will quickly see there is no place like .HOMES for generating search traffic.

  • Now in general availability

.INC domain names

.INC domain name registration is ideal for incorporated businesses as 'inc.' is a commonly used corporate identifier. Your .INC domain will make clear your business adheres to all necessary laws pertaining to corporations. You aren’t just a hobbyist or flash-in-the-pan, but a serious business that has invested a significant amount of time, energy, and money into building up your operations.

  • Now in general availability

.MONSTER domain names

.MONSTER is here and it's coming to get you! .MONSTER domain names for websites and blogs devoted to vampires, zombies, and all things bizarre. What better way to showcase the cabinet of curiosities on your website or blog than with a .MONSTER domain? Cause a scream with a domain name that's memorable, easily-brandable, and search engine friendly.

  • Now in general availability

.BABY domain name

Say hello to one of our newest arrivals, .BABY. .BABY domain names unambiguously target users searching for baby-related products, services, or information. If you cater to babies or growing families, .BABY could be the keyword-ready domain option you need to stand out in search engines. Your product/service + .BABY - what could be more intuitive?

  • Now in general availability

More new domain name choices coming your way!

Be sure to check back on our blog for more news of this year's latest domain name offerings. (And take a look at our list of 2018's new TLDs to read about those which have just arrived.)

If none of these new gTLDs work for you, visit our website. EuroDNS has more than 800 domain extensions to choose from! Remember: all domain name registrations at EuroDNS include a free professional email address, an Alpha SSL certificate, and our Classic DNS.

Have a question or need advice on selecting the right domain? Let our sales team know! You can reach our Sales Department at +352 263 725 250 or sales@eurodns.com.

We're always happy to help!

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