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.DEV domain names provide a secure online space for developers or individuals and businesses associated with the tech world. The latest release from Google Registry's domain portfolio, .DEV domain names instantly associate you with - and mark you as - a leader in tech innovation. Take a look!

.DEV domain names for developers and web pros

.DEV domain name registration is available to anyone but is most ideal for:

  • Creating a space for dev teams to test software
  • Showcasing programming projects, portfolios, documentation, and tools
  • Ambiguously announcing your passion for code and all things digital
  • Showing off your expertise in web development and design, software engineering, game development, mobile apps, or IT security
  • Targeting users searching for dev-related information

While .DEV is an obvious choice for developers, it provides a number of benefits even for those who aren’t associated with the tech world:

  • Concise, memorable alternative to .COM, a name space with a dearth of available keywords
  • Easily brandable – attach your name, your business name, or your project to .DEV
  • Search engine friendly – search engine results are the same as you would expect from .COM or other more commonly used domain name extensions

But what makes .DEV especially interesting for developers and non-techies alike is the high level of security it affords users. Websites on a .DEV domain name will not work properly unless HTTPS has been configured for the site.

HTTPS security by default

As with Google’s other recently launched TLDs, .APP and .PAGE, .DEV is designed to create a secure domain name space that relies solely on HTTPS connections. Thanks to built-in security, .DEV ensures all visitor connections are secure.

.DEV is HSTS pre-loaded, which means that browsers will automatically enforce HTTPS-secured connections to .DEV websites and pages. But, in order to work properly, an SSL certificate (which encrypts all communication to and from your site) must be configured on the .DEV domain name.

Fortunately, when you register your .DEV domain name at EuroDNS, you will receive a free SSL certificate, so you’ll be good to go.

Register your .DEV domain name!

Register your .DEV domain name at EuroDNS and receive, free of charge, all of the following add-ons:

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Register your .DEV domain name before someone else does or check out other popular domain extensions for tech businesses!

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