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How doctors and other professionals are leveraging TikTok for business growth

by Guest

Are you a professional that's not sure if TikTok is the right platform for your business? In this article we discuss why TikTok is an excellent way to grow your business as a professional, whether you’re a Doctor or a Lawyer, there are dozens of ways you can leverage this booming new platform.

5 best WordPress plugins for social media – 2022

by Amélie

Social media is no longer an option for businesses. It has become an effective way of reaching a new audience, engaging with customers, getting their feedback, and building loyalty. There are tons of social media plugins to help you share your web content effortlessly and grow your followers.

Social media alternatives to Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest

by Amélie

The latest research by Statista shows that there are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in 2021. While this number is ever-increasing, more and more users are becoming wary of the way that giants such as Facebook or Instagram handle personal data or monetise their platform, and are looking for other solutions. We’re sharing our selection of social media platforms, great alternatives to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

5 social media trends to guide your strategy in 2021

by Tonia

In the fascinating world of social media, trends are ever-changing. This means that businesses not only need to constantly stay up-to-date but also have to alter their strategies when necessary. Given their importance and complexity, we have shortlisted and selected the 5 most important social trends to expect in 2021 and beyond that you need to include in your online strategy.

8 social media tips for small businesses to stay competitive in 2022

by Amélie

Your competitors and customers are everywhere on social media. And that sounds about right, since social media are one of the most effective way to communicate with your audience and increase your brand awareness, traffic and conversion rate. Check out our 8 social media tips for small businesses and start investing in your marketing strategy.