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You’ve moved? Do we have your new contact details?

by Meg

It’s crucial that the contact details in your domain name account are accurate. If we’ve got an outdated email address, you could lose your domain names and everything associated with them. We send you email with vital information and ignoring them could lead to disaster…

Beware used domain names and the pump & dump scam!

by Meg

Thinking of registering used domain names? It’s a wise investment if the domain history is credible. Ask the seller questions, lots of questions. And you must, at all costs, watch out for the pump and dump scam. Never heard of it? Quick, read this…

Don’t be a dummy – avoid these domain name mistakes!

by Meg

Check your domain name’s free before printing your business cards. Use a dictionary looser! Big clothes are not what .XXX is all about. You cannot have a website without a domain name. The Internet is not a passing fancy. More hazards to avoid, take a look…

Do you know what EPP status codes are? You cannot be serious!

by Meg

Jeepers creepers, they can stop your domain name being hijacked and you don't know what they are? They're codes that tell you what’s going on. Is your registration about to fail? Is your name being transferred to another registrar? Is it going to be deleted? EPP status codes are alerts that gives you time to act...

Domain extensions? Google spoke, everyone heard... even my mum!

by Meg

The domain industry continues to promote the new domain extensions. Highly descriptive, increased choice, and countless blog posts on how to choose, what’s to come, and why they’re great – register now! Yet still, awareness is low... until Google registered Did you hear the buzz?

You need to be aware of this domain name registration scam!

by Meg

If you receive an email pretending to be from a domain name registration centre in Asia, informing you that someone is trying to register a series of domain names based on your brand and domain name - what would you do?

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